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How Travel Discounts Can Help Improve Your Loyalty Program

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It can be argued that traveling is more valued now than ever before. The U.S. Travel Association calculated that $761.7 billion was spent in 2018 on leisure travel, which doesn’t factor in the $327.3 billion spent on business-related travel. Not only does the traveling industry have massive economic benefits, but it is also culturally valued. In such a fast-paced world, people feel an increasingly prevalent itch to escape their day-to-day lives and explore new places. In 2018, there were 2.3 billion personal trips that Americans took for both business and leisure purposes.


Swim Team Fundraising and Motivation Tips

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Swimming, as a past time, can be a calming activity. However, in the competitive scene, it can get as heart-pumping as any sport out there. Good thing teams always have a swim coach. The swim coach is responsible for the success of the team and often in charge of fundraising efforts as well. As such, you need to keep your swim team motivated both in and out of the water – for winning meets and fundraising success.


8 Tips For Building A Loyalty Rewards Program

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What is a Loyalty Rewards Program? Companies offer a rewards program to customers who make regular purchases at their establishment. The loyalty program may provide customers with free merchandise, coupons, advance-release of new products, or other rewards.


Welcome to a New World of Discounts!

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There are many ways to show gratitude towards your valued customers and supportive members. You could give them a branded t-shirt, mug, or thank-you card, but such a simple item can cost your business or association more money than desired.


Inexpensive Ways Property Managers can Retain Tenants

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Property Managers love lease renewals and work hard at securing and maintaining long-term tenants because they want to avoid low-vacancy rates and high turnover, so it’s essential that they work on building a stable and successful business where tenants will want to renew their lease.


The Top 3 Ways to Get Your Nonprofit Website Noticed

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Once you’ve got your nonprofit up and running, you may be unsure of where to turn to get noticed for fundraising purposes. If you have not accessed the power of the internet in your quest to draw awareness to your cause, then you are missing out on a big piece of the puzzle.


9 Political Outreach Fundraising Ideas To Help You Raise The Money Needed

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Campaign managers, fundraising coordinators, and volunteers all work to help raise funds to support their chosen political candidate.