Charity fundraising is bringing attention to your cause and essential to raising donations. Without a budget to do so, it can seem like an overwhelming task. However, you do have time, and with the right strategies, that is often enough to help you meet your goals.

Charity fundraising can raise awareness of the issue and of your campaign through events, branding, contests, challenges, and content.


If you are using an event to raise funds for your charity, there are several options that will help you raise awareness

Organizing educational events, such as a workshop or skill session, is a wonderful way to offer something to the public while raising awareness – and possibly donations – in return. Consider pairing with a local business to make a craft, teach how to use a tool, or learn how to perfect one’s resume. Be sure to somehow tie the event to your cause, engage in conversation about the charity, or disseminate information about the issue during the educational event.

You may also choose to host a charitable event, such as a dinner or dance, to raise awareness for your organization. With enough preparation and word-of-mouth, you could land press coverage, which can only further your event’s fundraising efforts.

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Hosting a contest is a low-cost way to raise awareness for your charity as well as your fundraising efforts. There are a variety of contests that you can host, both online and off. Consider a photo contest, using a theme that is relevant to your issue. People love sharing photos of children, pets, and nature. Include a hashtag and encourage participants to “follow” or “like” your organization’s page for more information about the charity, issue, or fundraiser.

You can also ask individuals to create a video or amateur commercial in support of your cause. Choose a winner by popular opinion and post it online, such as on a website or via social media outlets.

Contests rely on engagement and word-of-mouth to draw awareness to the campaign. Consider asking for sponsorship by local businesses in order to offer the reward of a gift card or discount coupon. Likes and shares go a long way towards the success of a contest-type fundraiser.


Another effective idea is to create products to sell as a way of raising money and awareness for your cause. You can hand out stickers, magnets, or pencils or sell mugs and t-shirts with a design supporting your charity. This method offers an added benefit of spreading the word without relying on your supporters to say a word.

With the assistance of a professional design team, you can create logos, slogans, and designs that are visually attractive, making your cause stand out and be remembered. Always select popular and durable products that would please any age group.

Plastic Discount Cards

Plastic discount cards, or gift cards, are a popular product for charity fundraising because they are professional-looking, fun, and easy. These cards, sometimes referred to as gold cards, offer discounts and freebies from local merchants, including restaurants, movie theaters, beauty salons, car washes, and much more.

An added benefit of using plastic discount cards for your charitable fundraiser is that it allows local merchants the opportunity to publicly support your cause. Additionally, you are selling something that people already use on a regular basis, ensuring a boost in your financial success.

Raise Awareness and Raise Funds

The goal of charity fundraising is raising awareness for your cause. Focus on informing the public about the issue, and you will surely stir an urge within them to support you financially. If you raise awareness, you will raise funds.

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