The holidays are fast approaching—and that means that it’s the perfect time to fundraise for your organization. If you’ve been waiting to kick off a new fundraiser, now is the time to do it! Plastic fundraising cards straight from Fastlane Fundraising are the perfect way to bring in plenty of funds during the holiday season. Here’s why fundraising cards are an easy sell during the holidays.

  1. People are thinking about holiday gifts.

Gift cards are a popular choice for many holiday shoppers, and discount cards are even better than gift cards: they’re the gift that keeps on giving all year long! Pitching your cards as holiday gifts will help them fly out of your hands faster than you thought possible. Anywhere a gift card can be tucked, these discount cards can go.

  1. Holiday shopping is coming.

For many families, that means a significant increase in the amount of money they’re going to be spending and the number of places they’ll be shopping. Whether you choose to the do-it-yourself fundraising card route, which you supply all the local merchants you think will be used the most by your supporters, or you prefer the Done-For-You fundraising cards, which have discounts included at more than 400 national brands and thousands of nationwide local merchant discounts accessed by your smartphone with our FREE app, your supporters will be sure to benefit from the discounts on the cards as they head out to do their holiday shopping.

  1. Retailers are more likely to see the benefit of supporting your club, school, or organization.

This time of year, retailers are looking for ways to add to their sales and stand out from their competitors. They want to bring in the most holiday dollars possible, and participating in your fundraiser is a great way to bring plenty of local traffic to their store.

  1. Done For You fundraising cards are one of the easiest ways to put together a fundraiser.

Finding the extra time to organize a fundraiser can be a challenge. Done For You fundraising cards, however, take most of the work out of the process. All you have to do is choose the type of card you want and the number of cards you feel you’ll be able to sell (minimum order is 250 units). The merchants have already been chosen for you, the eye-catching design will attract your supporters, and you’ll even receive a sales script and instructions on how to organize your fundraiser. Done For You fundraising cards make for the easiest fundraiser you’ll ever run, and anything that makes life easier during the holidays is priceless.  Simply download our FREE app on your smartphone and show the discount at checkout to receive the discount.  Also, our Done-For-You cards only require a small deposit down and the remaining balance is due in 30-days.  Allowing you to have a no money out-of-pocket fundraiser.

  1. You won’t be asking your supporters to overpay for items they need.

Many popular fundraisers ask supporters to buy things like wrapping paper, fruit, and baked goods, all at high prices designed to gain a profit for your school or organization, not to offer a bargain to your supporters. Fundraising cards, on the other hand, are created to offer as much value to your supporters as they do to your organization. Instead of overpaying for items they need anyway, your supporters will be able to purchase something that helps them while supporting your organization in the process!

  1. Families are aware of how much they’re eating out this time of year.

Among the discounts on the Done-For-You cards, popular choices like Papa John’s are great ideas for families on busy weeknights. As winter arrives, many families with kids in sports, in the band, and in other clubs and organizations are busier than ever. That means that they’re eating out more often in an effort to save time. Discount cards will help them save money on places they would choose to eat anyway, making them the perfect choice for busy families. Show the app with the discount to the server and the discount is taken off your bill.  It’s that simple!

  1. Done For You fundraising cards will show up fast.

Have you waited a little bit too long to get your fundraiser kicked off? Are you struggling to get everything lined up with the school, with the parents and kids who are part of your organization, or with participating retailers? There’s good news for you: Done For You fundraising cards are one of the fastest fundraisers to put together. You’ll have them delivered to your location quickly and efficiently, in about 7-to-10 business days, allowing you to get on with the other duties that are taking up your energy and attention.

  1. Fundraising cards make great “emergency” gifts.

Everyone knows the terror of that moment when you realize that you forgot someone on your holiday shopping list. Maybe you meant to get them a gift, but never got around to it. Perhaps you didn’t realize that you were exchanging gifts with a particular person this year. These discount cards, however, make great last-minute or emergency gifts. They’re easy to tuck away in a place that’s easily accessible throughout the holiday season, simple to wrap, and simple to give away. Just tuck one in a card and you’ve avoided any holiday upset!