Unique Needs = Innovative Opportunities for Fundraising

Elementary and Middle Schools are like balls of energy within the community!

Youth learn, grow and form bonds with friends and adults, and prepare to reach out to the community when they enter high school.

A great deal of what occurs at these schools involves family. As a result, fundraising helps to deepen those relationships as families provide extra support to help their children succeed.

And that’s not even mentioning the support fundraising provides for schools! You can put fundraising to work to help you:

  • Basic office supplies: always a necessity!
  • Improve technology in the classroom: iPads, laptops, and e-readers help schools put modern technology to use in every lesson
  • Art, music or physical education equipment: as funding is altered, these needs increase.
  • A general fundraiser is handy for those unexpected emergencies or events. No matter what your goal is, we’ve got the products to help you succeed!
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How To Raise More for Your School This Year

At Fastlane Fundraising you’ll find the products, the services and the experts to get you winning!

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Our Done For You fundraising packages include everything you need to raise money for your school with discount cards:

  • High quality plastic discount cards customized with your name and logo
  • Discounts at 200,000+ merchant locations across the nation, at over 450 local and national brands
  • A mobile app to activate your card, and find the biggest deals at the nearest merchants
  • Step-by-step instructions and resources to help you run a successful fundraiser
  • For more information, check out the Done For You page!

Don’t need the whole package? Our top-selling products for Elementary & Middle School fundraising include:

  • The versatility of merchant tickets makes them an all-purpose favorite for any fundraising goal.
  • Extra-easy for students and families to sell and use.
  • A non-perforated “Super-saver” version is available of schools on a budget.
  • Our cards are high quality, durable, memorable and collectible
  • You can customize the cards with your own school logo or mascot, and graphics and colors of your choice.
  • Plastic cards are a top item for year-long fundraising.
  • Custom design forms and envelopes are always handy for youngsters & parents.
  • They make it easy to record & keep orders in one place.
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Everything You Need to Raise Money for Your School

We offer:

  • Quality fundraising products
  • Printing services for every item
  • A handy Excel worksheet to collect merchant information. You supply the merchants, we’ll supply the perfect fundraising product.
  • Fast, reliable & low-cost shipping services

Start Your Elementary & Middle School Fundraiser Today!

Need additional information or have questions about the products and possibilities? Just contact us to discuss and design the ideal product for your fundraising goals!

Let the vibrant energy of your students lead you to fundraising success!

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