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How to SAVE With Our  Fastlane Discount Card

After the member code is registered you can:

Print Coupon & Redeem Online

Print coupons and save 10% – 50% at popular stores, restaurants and businesses. A number of merchants provide links to redeem offers online directly through their website.

Mobile Phone

Many of the merchants allow you to access and redeem their discounts directly from your smartphone. Download the FREE Fastlane Fundraising mobile app at both Apple and Android stores for the easiest way to SAVE!

Travel Savings Engine

Select the Travel category and enter your destination & dates. You will find the Guaranteed Best Deals on Hotels, Car Rentals and more.

You’ll love the simplicity, reliability, and convenience of the Fastlane discount card. Trust Fastlane to supply savings to your favorite merchants.

• Easy! Download the FREE Fastlane Savings mobile app to start saving NOW!

• More access. Click, swipe, print, or call to redeem your discount. Many vendors offer more than one redemption option, making the process—and the opportunities—easier for your customers.

• Honored everywhere. Fastlane discount cards go where you go. A quick refresh will have you shopping the top discounts in an instant.

• More discounts: Currently, over 250,000 locations offering discounts and offers ranging from 10% to 50%!

• More opportunities. Over 400 national brands + thousands of local merchants—you’ll find the hot spots AND their deals throughout your travels.

• Perfect for Fundraising, Customer Appreciation and Member Discounts!

We’ve got you covered for what you REALLY want:

Dining, shopping, movies, car rental and hotel discounts.

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