DIY Fundraising is a common activity in numerous places, like elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and at church or scouts. It’s also an ideal way to raise funds for charities or disaster relief.

While some organizations prefer the convenient and efficient method of Done For You Fundraising, others prefer to do it themselves. What do you need if you choose to do it yourself?

Merchant Tickets

Selling merchant tickets rather than candy bars or popcorn is a fun, effective DIY fundraising options. They are portable and simple, and they offer a great deal of savings to consumers.

What makes merchant tickets a popular DIY fundraising choice?

They are easy to carry around and can be stored anywhere, making them easy to sell at any time, anywhere. They fit in a backpack, locker, purse, glove compartment, or any other convenient location.

Merchant tickets are available in five different styles, all tested and proven as effective for sales, or you can request a custom design or unique artwork from Fastlane Fundraising’s in-house graphic design team. Each merchant ticket pack has plenty of available space to add your own logo, mascot, calendar of events or other content to boost your cause.

How does it work?

With merchant tickets, you supply the merchants and Fastlane Fundraising supplies the product. Select from various ticket amounts, including 16, 48, 60, or 72-count versions. The tickets are then provided on stunning 100-pound heavyweight cover stock or with UV super shiny gloss varnish on high-volume orders. Since printing is available on both sides, you can choose what to include, with plenty of space for your message.

Each set of tickets is available either in scored or perforated format or as a non-perforated “super saver” option with dotted lines marking where to clip.

Plastic Cards

High quality, durable plastic cards are an excellent fundraising option that are highly popular among schools, churches, and organizations. They are sometimes referred to as:

  • gold cards
  •  gift cards
  • discount cards
  • booster cards
  • key tags

No matter what you call them, they still offer the same effective fundraising option. Discounts can range from restaurant discounts to movie tickets to pet supplies to car washes to discounts at many other merchants. Plastic cards combine these offers from local merchants onto a single discount card, which is then placed for sale by your organization or group.

What are plastic card benefits?

One reason that plastic cards are so popular is that they benefit both your organization and local businesses. Instead of selling one item, such as candles or candies, your group can appeal to a broader audience base and sell discounts to favorite local stores and restaurants.

Another bonus is that you get to select the merchants, thereby ensuring that your audience is interested in the item for sale.

These colorful, durable cards are sturdy and will last through many uses by your supporters.

Why are plastic cards a popular fundraising option?

Cardholders enjoy the savings offered by the fundraiser plastic card, but also like that they are supporting your cause.

Organizations like that they have the option of choosing an expiration date for the card for fundraisers that are seasonal or time-sensitive, or the cards can be made available for unlimited usage.  The plastic cards are available with so many options, including:

  • Mix and match discount cards
  • Key tags
  • One-time use break-off tabs

This DIY fundraising choice is easy and convenient for everyone involved, from the fundraising committee to the individual selling the card, to the supporter purchasing the card.

Are there other uses for plastic cards?

  • These attractive, durable cards can be used for endless possibilities, including:
  • Membership cards to gyms, libraries, or clubs
  • Services such as haircuts, auto repair, or manicures and pedicures
  • Gift cards to restaurants, family fun centers, or movies
  • Loyalty cards for grocery stores, gas stations, or specialty shops
  • Themed cards for holidays, political campaigns, sports enthusiasts, or hobbyists
  • Many other applications

What are the features of plastic cards?

Plastic fundraising cards are made of composite plastic material and customized with your organization’s logo, design, and colors. You can choose from a custom card; a key tag available in one, two, three, four, five, seven, or nine tags; or a one-time use tab combo. You can even choose a magnetic strip for easy use!

In addition to low per unit pricing and fast turnaround on business printing, plastic cards have variable data-number to help track sales and usage.

Other fundraising tools

In addition to merchant cards or plastic cards, Fastlane Fundraising can help you with custom-made order forms and envelopes. Keep track of supporter names and contact information, orders, the method of payment, and total figures as well as staying organized with order information and collected money in the same location. We also offer wholesale offerings for fundraising consultants!

So the next time that you are considering a fundraiser for your non-profit organization, school, or church, consider a Do It Yourself Fundraiser with Fastlane Fundraising!