As a fundraising consultant, you know that running a successful and profitable fundraiser isn’t just about the items that your fundraising client is selling; it’s also about providing all the tools your clients need to ensure their fundraisers goes off without a hitch. A full fundraising kit includes a variety of printed materials, as well as scripts and tips that can help your clients take their fundraisers to the next level. Including these items in your fundraising package will ensure that your clients have everything they need to run their best fundraiser yet.

  1. Order Forms

Whether you need an individual order form for each supporter or just one order form for each sales person, it’s important that your order forms contain all of the relevant information. This will ensure your customers (and their customers) get the items they ordered.

A proper order form is easy to read and fill out. Make sure that it’s appropriate to the skill level of the people who will be using it. An order form used by middle school students, for example, may need to be simpler than one created for adults.

Instruct the fundraising organization you are working with to check over the order form they’ve chosen to make sure all the information is correct. Be sure they understand how to fill it out before it’s passed to the rest of the fundraising team.

  1. Envelopes

Nothing screams chaos like a fundraiser without envelopes, so make sure your clients have all the envelopes they need. Provide them with mailing envelopes in which they can send out promotional information to potential supporters, as well as collection envelopes to organize the funds they receive from donors. Be sure they have plenty of envelopes on hand in the sizes needed to fulfill these actions.

Fill out the relevant information on the envelopes ahead of time, or have the information printed directly on the envelopes for added convenience and professionalism. If orders and checks will be mailed back to your clients from interested parties who want to buy fundraiser items, make sure they have plenty of return envelopes to include in the mailers.

  1. Mailers and Postcards

Direct mail is an effective way to attract attention and raise awareness for your client’s fundraising campaign. Your clients can use them to get the word out by including a special offer or describing their organization’s fundraising mission.

If your client is using mailers and postcards, encourage them to do the following:

  • Create a clear, easy-to-read message that can be absorbed quickly. Most people throw away direct mail after a few seconds, so that may be all the time your client has to catch their attention.
  • Use eye-catching graphics that capture the essence of both the items your client is selling and their reason for selling them. Ideally, personal or customized photos should be used to increase an emotional connection.
  • Check the mailing list to ensure that the postcards and mailers are going to the right people in their area, who are most likely to donate to their cause.
  1. Fundraising Cards

Fundraising cards are a sure-fire way to increase the operating budget for your clients in the coming season or year. Best of all, these high-quality fundraising cards offer numerous benefits to both your clients’ organizations and the supporters purchasing their cards.

These popular fundraiser items can be customized according to the client’s needs, allowing them to go out and choose the specific businesses they’d like sponsor their cards. Or they can choose a “Done For You” kit, which allows them to access pre-curated discounts on a convenient smart phone app and purchase ready-made plastic fundraising cards.

  1. Signs, Banners, and Other Poster-Style Ads

The best way to raise awareness about a fundraiser is through poster-style ads that are specifically designed to convey important, persuasive information to potential supporters. These posters should answer the following questions:

  • What’s being sold?
  • Who should be contacted if an individual is interested in making a purchase or donation?
  • What organization or club is being supported by the fundraiser, and why?

A simple message that is easily viewed from a distance can attract busy people as they walk by. A catchy tagline and unique graphic can also make the fundraiser more memorable.

  1. The Right Kit

Fundraising can be a challenge for many of your clients, which is likely why they’ve hired you to help. Whether they’re a school, club, or organization with new leaders who aren’t familiar with the fundraising process, or they’re a business who has never tried nonprofit fundraising before, they will probably need a little help along the way.

Fastlane Fundraising’s free fundraiser toolkit will provide your clients with everything they need to get started on their fundraising journey, including a number of expert tricks and tips and useful scripts to help them become more effective salespeople. Download it today to add this fantastic tool to your fundraising arsenal.

  1. A Great Fundraising Team

No single individual—no matter how competent—can pull off a fundraiser on their own. Often, the best teams are just waiting for you to give them the instructions they need to be successful. Make sure your clients have a strong and dedicated team assembled. Talk to them about the different roles they will need to fill, including people to hang signs and hand out flyers and people who are ready and trained to sell those fundraising items.

As a fundraising consultant, helping your clients construct a successful fundraiser is an incredibly rewarding experience. As you watch your customers go from clueless to successful and see them reach their budget goals, you’ll discover just how rewarding it really is. If you’re ready to help your clients be more successful than ever, download our free toolkit today!