Campaign managers, fundraising coordinators, and volunteers all work to help raise funds to support their chosen political candidate.

During a campaign, candidates must deal with numerous expenses, both foreseen and unexpected. Expenses may be minor, like gas money for the bus or a budget for merchandise, or it may run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars for things like political events, debates, stump speeches, and rallies. The cost often depends on the size of the venue and the expectations for the number of people in the crowd. Of course, the more constituents, the better, but that merely increases the costs. Local political races rely a great deal on the generosity of the community.

One: Text to Donate

Many non-profits and disaster relief fundraisers utilize mobile fundraising, so why shouldn’t you use it for your political campaign as well? Text-to-give technology allows your constituents and easy way to give to your campaign, and it’s also easy for your staff to manage.Promoting mobile fundraising can be done both digitally and on physical communications, such as at events, rallies, and speeches.

Two: Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Empowering current donors to ask for donations on your behalf is an excellent way to expand your existing donor base in addition to raising funds for your political race. Provide each supporter with a fundraising envelope with a template or sample statement to help them ask their friends and family to help support your political campaign.

Three: Campaign T-Shirts

Create original and unique campaign t-shirts that you can give away and sell. Work with a professional graphic design firm to come up with a design that fits your campaign brand, then get the image printed on comfortable, quality t-shirts. You can include your slogan, your picture, or even a witty saying that not only makes people laugh but reminds them of your position on a particular issue.

T-shirts, and other merchandise such as hats or pins, can be used in conjunction with other fundraising activities or events. For instance, you could offer t-shirts to the individual that raises the most in peer-to-peer fundraising or sell t-shirts at a walkathon that supports your campaign.

Four: Door Hangers

In this day of high tech advertising, sometimes it’s best to resort to a tried and true way of reaching your constituents. Door hangers are noticeable and effective, in addition to being a low-cost method of political outreach. Build awareness of your campaign by canvassing the neighborhood with door hangers.

Five: Pie the Politician

A great event to hold at a local carnival or circus, see if you can rent some space for a Pie the Politician event. Allow individuals to throw whipped cream filled pie pans at your face in exchange for a donation. Take time to answer questions and explain your platform. What a fun way to get the word out and do some fundraising as well.

Six: Rubber Duck Race

Another fun way to raise awareness and monies for your political race is through a rubber duck race. Simply buy plenty of rubber duckies, mark sequential numbers on the bottom with a permanent marker, and sell tickets for a chance to race. The winner will receive a small prize, but the goal is to discuss your platform, raise funds, and have fun.

Seven: A Raffle or Auction

People love the opportunity to win something, so a raffle is a great way to raise money towards your campaign costs. Sell tickets for a 50/50 raffle or ask local individuals and businesses to donate items for an auction or giveaway. Be available to give a speech and answer questions before or after the raffle.

Eight: Yard Signs and Flags

Offer donors the opportunity to place signs and U.S. flags in their yard in support of the election and their country. You can even have your volunteers post the flags and yard signs of constitutes who donate a specific amount or more and remove them following the election. Many individuals enjoy letting the community know who they support in a political race, and offering signs, as well as American flags, are a great way to spread patriotism and awareness of your campaign stance on the issues.

Nine: Postcards

Sending handwritten, personal postcards to entire neighborhoods in the community is a great way to raise money for your political campaign or cause. Postcards or letters can be requests for donations, sponsorships, auction items, volunteers, or any other requirement you may have. Be sure to reference any past donations or assistance provided by the individual. You can include your donation website address or a pre-addressed envelope for fundraising purposes.

Use any or all of these fundraising ideas to push your platform for political outreach and help your campaign gain the necessary funds to move forward with a successful campaign.