Anyone who has ever made a fundraising goal, whether as a volunteer or for their profession, understands how much of an uphill battle it can. Every dollar is a struggle. Every donor is cherished. And why is it like this? First, many people, especially in tough economic times, are hesitant to part ways with their hard-earned money. Second, even for the people who are charitable, there are just so many great causes, clubs, and organizations out there that it’s impossible to give to everyone.

A good way to combat these issues is to use an alternative fundraising method like fundraising discount cards. Once our Done-For-You cards are sold, the code on the front of the card is registered.  Discounts can then be accessed two ways: Through our website portal, the donor can print off coupons from their desktop printer and discounts are also accessed through our FREE smartphone app.  Just show your phone at checkout to receive the discount.  In addition, our discounts are available nationwide with our app.  Just enter the zip code you’re in and discounts near your area with appear.  The app gives the holder access to discounts at various local and national retailers. Supporters of your cause, church, or charity purchase these discount cards from you, register them, and then go shopping—and by using our DFY cards, you keep around 75% the profit.

This type of fundraiser solves the main issue that always confronts organizations raising money for their cause. Supporters will be less hesitant to part ways with their cash, even when they’re stretched thin from donations to other causes, because this fundraiser actually saves them money. And there are plenty of other benefits:

  • No planning necessary. Fundraising is often a time-consuming task. For large organizations, it can take up an entire division. For small community clubs and youth sports teams, there might just be a few volunteers dedicating hours of their free time to planning fundraisers. Either way, that time or effort is likely better spent on the activities that make up your organization’s mission. Fundraising is a necessity, but with fundraising discount cards, it doesn’t have to be a full-time job. All you do is order the cards, let your volunteers and donors know they are for sale, and start selling.
  • High profits are easily attainable. With fundraising discount cards; making a large profit isn’t difficult. When you partner with a company like Fastlane Fundraising, you’re able to make 70+% percent profits from each card sold. This type of fundraiser can have a huge impact for your organization.
  • It makes people happy. One hurdle fundraisers can face is an annoyed donor. No one likes to be asked for money repeatedly—and your volunteers definitely don’t enjoy bothering donors. Fundraising discount cards, however, inspire a very positive reaction from donors, because they get something valuable in return. Partnering with a discount card provider like Fastlane Fundraising, your donors will be able to use our Done-For-You FREE mobile app packed with nearly 400 different national retailers and thousands of local merchants nationwide. Everyone wins—the organization raising funds, the retailers who get more business, and the donor who SAVES money.
  • It simplifies volunteering. Volunteers are a blessing. They freely give their time, skills, and energy to help you and your cause succeed—but this doesn’t mean those resources are unlimited. Planning and executing a fundraiser can be exhausting, especially if there are a lot of complicated logistics involved. Volunteer burnout does no good for your cause. A great way to keep your volunteers energized and excited is to give them a simple fundraising strategy. Fastlane Fundraising sends you a 12-page PDF toolkit that has scripts, accounting sheets to print out, tips, and other useful information to help with success of your fundraiser. A clear strategy creates a more effective and enjoyable fundraiser, and your volunteers won’t hesitate to help out again in the future.


  • Low upfront cost. One of the most intimidating factors of fundraising, especially for small organizations, can be the upfront cost of hosting an event or selling a product. Sometimes, the money raised at a fundraiser doesn’t even cover the amount of money spent on organizing it. Our fundraising discount card program solves this problem. All that is required is a $100 deposit. We then charge your credit card after 30-days for the remaining total cost of the cards, and we offer FREE shipping to the location of your choice. Our model helps your organization keep as much of the profit as possible from your fundraiser, with minimal upfront cost and effort.  A very small deposit, then 30-days to run the fundraiser before paying the balance in-full. This is what fundraising is about: the organization, group or charity raising money and keeping the majority of what is raised.
  • Measurable outcome. What gets measured gets improved. If you want to see your fundraising become more successful, it pays to measure it, analyze it, and find out what is working and what’s not. Fundraising discount cards are possibly the easiest form of fundraising to measure. Our PDF information kit comes with accounting sheets that you can print out to help you and your volunteers keep track of what’s sold and to whom. Spreadsheets can easily be created to track which donors buy how many cards. Information like this allows you to then return to donors knowing which product they prefer and when they might need a new card.

Running a recreational sports team, school club, scout troop, church group or charity is hard enough as it is. Don’t make it any harder on yourself by planning complicated fundraisers that often don’t get the results you were hoping for. Fundraising discount cards are a great solution to the age-old problem of raising money for your organization. Not only can you get impressive fundraising results, but also your volunteers will love the simplicity of the process and your donors will appreciate the value they get in return for their gift. It’s truly a win-win-win situation. Learn how to get started on your fundraiser using our Done-For-You cards today!