Are you looking for something different to do than the typical candle or candy sales? The winter season offers a wide array of creative and unique fundraising activities and events. Consider these for your next fundraiser!

Polar Plunge

Do you live near a lake? A polar plunge is a bit crazy, but it definitely makes for a fun winter fundraising idea. Consider organizing a 5K race that finishes by the lake where all participants jump in upon crossing the finish line. Or maybe just have everyone gather around and take the plunge without the running! It’s all good, and people will definitely pay to see people jump into freezing cold water in the middle of the winter.

Indoor Run-A-Thon

Still Easier Than Chemo hosts a 24-hour treadmill running challenge to raise money and this regular event is always a success. Participants only need to run for one hour on a treadmill and the goal is to get enough registrants to keep the treadmills functioning for twenty-four hours straight and raise money for a good cause.


No, it’s not dancing, but an all-night rocking chair battle. This is great for youth groups or scouts. Each participant is expected to continue to rock back and forth in his rocking chair all night without falling asleep.

Winter Solstice Soup

The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year. Make it count by holding a soup fundraiser. Either sell by the bowl or host a cook off for the best “warm your heart” soup. Offer prizes to the winner and raise money for your cause.

Snow Sculpture

While summer sand sculpture fundraisers have sun and surf, winter snow sculptures have their own charm. Serve hot chocolate and apple cider and let guests choose the winning entry. This is a perfect even for collecting winter snow gear for the less fortunate in the community.

Winter Cocktail Gala

It doesn’t need to be New Year’s Eve to host a fancy, black-tie gala for supporters of your organization. Even kids love to dress to the nines and show off their dance moves. Charge for admission, have a dance-a-thon, or raffle off baskets or even VIP seats. Crown a Winter King and Queen of the dance.

Eating Contest

Pie, chili, cookies… winter has its share of goodies that can be used in an eating contest. Participants can collect pledges for each item they consume. Winner gets bragging rights and the organization raises funds.

Candy Cane Contest

See who can lick a candy cane the longest without having it break. Whoever has the thinnest treat without breaking it wins!

Gingerbread House Wars

Forget Cupcake Wars. Try Gingerbread House Wars! Teams of two compete to build the most creative design in a set period of time.

Crafting Workshop

Host a class for winter crafts and charge an entrance fee. Whether you’re making ornaments, wreaths, or even baking cookies, families would love this winter activity, and it will benefit your organization.

Holiday Light Contest

Registrants see who can put up the best light display in town. Guests can pay for a map that takes them on a tour of each home. Serve hot cocoa at the end of the tour.

Christmas Tree Decorating Contest

Set up trees and supply decorations, then time teams to see who can decorate the best tree in a certain time frame. Donate decorated trees to less fortunate or local shelters.

Caroling for Donations

Go door to door singing Christmas carols. Pass out flyers with a QR code or online fundraising page so that people can decide to donate to your cause even after you’ve moved onto the next house.

Gift Wrapping Services

Partner with a local store and offer gift wrapping services for donations or a small fee. Many people are just not talented when it comes to wrapping presents and would happily pay to have gifts wrapped for them.

Ugly Sweater Party

Host an ugly sweater party with prizes for the individual who dons the ugliest sweater. Sell tickets or hold a fifty-fifty raffle.

Romantic Sleigh Rides

Sell tickets to couples for a romantic sleigh ride through a local park. Warn individuals to dress warm and offer hot chocolate or cider under the stars

Christmas Movie Night

A Christmas movie night is perfect for a church youth group to host for the community. Sell tickets to the event and offer popcorn and all of the best Christmas classics.

Christmas Festival

Games, face painting, activities, and crafts can all be offered for a local Christmas festival. Families are always looking for fun things to do during winter break from school, and a festival is ideal to benefit your organization.

Choose one or more of these wonderful fundraising activities to help raise money for your cause this winter season.