Handling perishable items or selling products that don’t really give your patrons value can take all the “fun” out of fundraising. What your family, friends, and supporters really want these days are fundraising items that keep giving.

Discount cards not only help you meet your fundraising goals but also help your donors save on the items they already know, love, and buy. It’s a win-win for everyone! But how does an organization like yours get started, what type of fundraising discount card do you need, and what is involved?

Let’s compare DIY versus “Done-For-You” fundraising cards and see which one is right for your organization.

DIY Discount Cards

With these cards, you supply the merchants and customize the discounts you will offer to your donors. This “do-it-yourself” approach gives you the ability to completely customize the discounts your card will offer, so you can better tailor it to the preferences of your donor base.

You can offer patrons a card that allows them to get a variety of deals and special access to local and national merchants in your area. With your custom discount card, personalized with your group’s name and logo, you can partner with any merchants you desire, such as your local oil change spot, eyeglass merchant, tanning parlor, pizza place, car wash, dry cleaner, auto repair shop, health club, sub shop, and many more. Choose any combination of merchants you think your donors will appreciate most.

Your donors are happy because they have access to discounts at the businesses they already patron, and merchants who participate are happy because they get the opportunity to reach new customers and build more business among existing ones.

But how can you encourage these merchants to participate and offer those great deals? Here are a few tips that will help you create the perfect DIY fundraising card:

An Early Start Is Key

Most businesses will only participate in a few fundraisers each year, especially when they will be offering year-long discounts as part of those fundraisers. In order to partner with your first-choice retailers, make sure you get a head start on other groups in your area. This will give you adequate time to meet and negotiate with merchants. It will also allow plenty of time for your supplier to design and print your cards before the fundraiser begins.

Persuasive People Are A Deciding Factor

Your goal is to sign up around 20 local merchants, and you’ll need to agree on at least one promotional offer with each. In an ideal world, your group is already well-known in the community and businesses will be eager to help. However, sending in your most outgoing people to initiate contact can be very beneficial and will often help to convince these local business owners to participate in your fundraiser.

Efficiency Leads The Way

Try to make contact with the decision makers as soon as possible, and if possible (and appropriate), bring along a participant in your organization to add the human factor to your presentation.

Decide who will present ahead of time, remember what your goals are, and just stick with them to the end. Merchants are usually really busy, and giving them an idea of how many cards you think you’ll sell right from the start is a good way to hold and keep their interest.

Have you waited a little too long to make all this happen? No problem! We want to help make your fundraising as easy and profitable as possible.

“Done-For-You” Fundraising

If you have a small team or are short on time, you may be searching for an easier and more streamlined fundraising solution, one where all the legwork is done for you. From instructional information and promotional materials to productivity tools, a fundraising partner makes it possible for you to generate the money your organization needs in a flash. With tons of great merchants already at your fingertips and multiple cost-effective fundraising packages to choose from, your fundraiser is sure to be an exceptional experience. But how does “Done-For-You” fundraising work?

Done-For-You discount cards let your supporters enjoy deep discounts at over 220,000 locations across the nation, including over 400 national brands and thousands of local businesses. We’re talking about places like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walgreens, Papa John’s, Olive Garden, Levi’s Outlet Store, SeaWorld, Glasses.com, Sally Beauty Supply…the list is endless! This wide variety will expand your selling radius, enabling you to sell discount cards to family and friends outside of your local area.

A discount card company that contracts with both local businesses and national chains can provide you with a ready-made fundraising program that gets the discount cards in the hands of your students, players, or volunteers more quickly. When you are also offering discounts on the brands they know and love, it will give them something to talk about and motivate them to sell even more.

You’ll also get a sales script to follow, step-by-step instructions with an easy-to-follow accounting sheet, and special brochures to hand out explaining more about registering and using the mobile app. This organizes your fundraising from start to finish and gives everyone greater confidence in their ability to sell your discount cards.

How can you lose when you have two great choices—DIY and Done-For-You discount cards—to amplify your selling efforts?

People will buy candy or cheeses, wait a month for it to come, and then it’s gone in one day. A discount card, on the other hand, is something they’ll appreciate for months to come. These eye-catching cards practically sell themselves because people see the value right away. Both DIY and Done-For-You fundraising are great ways to raise the money your organization needs. So which one is right for you? Only you can decide.