High school today is more expensive than ever. Every time you turn around, there’s a group trying to raise money. Parents, coaches, booster clubs, players, cheerleaders, even band members—they’ve all been there. As budgets are increasingly cut and families are watching their spending, there is more competition for those coveted fundraising dollars.

So how do you make your cause stand out above the others? You break out from the crowd by using professionally printed fundraising materials, and you get creative. We’ve rounded up five of the most unique and effective fundraising ideas that we’ve seen have major success:

Have A Hall-Of-Fame Party

Who doesn’t love a good party? Whether it’s a sit-down dinner or simply a mix-and-mingle session at your local high school or nearby event hall. Invite celebrities from local television and radio stations as well as local celebrities from past teams. Many former players from 10, 15, or even 25 years ago still like to offer up support to their alma maters.

Sell professionally printed tickets to the event. We also offer great table talkers and bannersan to help you decorate the space. For, additional fundraising, have celebrities sign small footballs or basketballs beforehand. At the end of the night, plan to raffle off the autographed items. Ask local businesses to donate gift certificates for a silent auction. It’s easy to get everyone involved.

Plan A Scavenger Hunt

Recruit teams for a scavenger hunt. Charge an entry fee per team and have t-shirts with your school name and mascot printed to wear during the hunt. Come up with a list of off-the-wall items for your teams to hunt for, or have them complete tasks related to your school’s history.

For added fun, incorporate community history and riddles into the clues for items: print puzzles of your school’s mascot that must be completed. The first team to complete the task and return with all the items wins a prize. Popular prize items include season tickets or items donated from local businesses.

Host A Jail-And-Bail

Ever dreamed of sending someone to jail? How about your principal? Create your very own jail cell in your school or at a local restaurant. Arrest your principal, team coaches, or even the football players themselves. Tell your prisoners they must raise their bail to be set free. Have them call friends and family to request money for bail. For added fun, consider sending out postcards advertising the event and encouraging fans to nominate prisoners for a small fee. This is an innovative way to get the whole community involved with your school fundraising efforts.

Sell Fundraising Discount Cards

These cards are incredibly easy to sell and use. They are typically successfully used when they include discounts to local restaurants and retailers. The discounts may be for a one-time-only deal, can last for the season, or even last up to a full year. The discount cards are completely customizable with your team logo or mascot.

Parents and supporters look forward to this sale every time it happens. Profits are easy to track and the cards appeal to a large number of people. Merchant discount tickets offer similar benefits to the plastic discount cards, and with their low cost, these are also appealing to those with limited budgets.

Certain fundraisers, like the discount card have been around for years—and for good reason. They are proven methods of raising money that are easy to track and can be used time and time again.

Combining the tried-and-true methods with unique fundraising ideas is a great way not only to raise money, but also to bring more community awareness and support to your program. The most successful fundraising campaigns involve family, friends, and the community. Just ask—you’ll find that many community members love supporting their local students and activities. Remember, the more people who get involved in your fundraising effort, the faster news of your fundraiser will travel.