Fundraising for high-school spring athletics is an important way to ensure your volleyball team has everything it needs to reach its maximum potential this season. As you plan your fundraising strategy, you will want to consider the best steps to take and the best products to use to run a campaign that’s both fun and effective.

With many donors being more selective with the fundraisers they support, you need marketing materials that showcase the value of your sport and rally the support of your community. This may seem like a challenge when competing with other spring sports teams for donations, but you can easily set yourself apart with clever, high-quality printed products.

If you’re ready to dig into your spring fundraising efforts, follow these four steps to rally support for your volleyball team and raise the money you need.

Spread The Word With Promotional Posters

The first step you should take when launching your spring volleyball fundraiser is to get the message out to potential donors. One way you can raise awareness about your campaign is by using promotional posters.
Posters are highly customizable and can be an eye-catching way to share your cause with the community. Posters can be made in different sizes and shapes to fit the spaces where they’ll be used and the amount of information and graphics you wish to include. Fill the space with details about your team, your fundraising goals, how and why people should donate, and motivational quotes and graphics. With so many options, you can creatively incorporate your team brand and carve out a unique identity for your fundraising campaign.

Promotional posters can be strategically placed in:

  • Your school
  • Local shops and restaurants
  • Bulletin boards at community rec centers or gathering places
  • Sporting goods stores

Once you’ve got your promotional posters, it’s time to think about more in-depth ways to communicate your fundraising needs to donors.

Expand on Your Campaign With Brochures

A brochure isn’t just a useful promotional tool for businesses; it can be an effective way to educate donors about your team and your fundraising cause. Where posters succeed in grabbing the attention of passersby, brochures will go the next step and provide the compelling reasons why you need their support.

Different fold options offer multiple pages to expand on your campaign and, on a deeper level, touch on the importance of volleyball’s value to your players and the community. Here, you can get into why volleyball improves the minds of your students or how it helps kids stay active, focused, and motivated. Don’t be afraid to tug on the heartstrings of your donors a little by including personal experiences or inspirational stories about your players and team as a whole.

Include in your brochure:

  • Pictures of your team and mascot in action
  • Positive stories that demonstrate the value of volleyball
  • The specific goals of your fundraiser
  • Examples of how past fundraisers have helped your team

Next, it’s time to print a product that you can actually sell to your donors!

Persuade Donors With Merchant Ticket Books

Merchant tickets are a powerful way to support your spring fundraiser because they have a practical use for donors. They are also aesthetically appealing and even informative. This makes selling merchant tickets both fun and easy for your players. And they give local businesses the opportunity to show that they support the youth in the community.

It’s much easier to raise funds when you are selling people free or discounted items or services at their favorite local shops, restaurants, or retailers. Calculate the total value of savings that each ticket book offers, and market the books to donors by highlighting those savings. The savings offered by the coupons will well outweigh the cost of purchasing the book, and that can be a highly persuasive selling point.

The tickets’ spacious top panel provides plenty of room to include images and messages that inform and persuade donors. With the heavyweight high-gloss cover stock of the tickets, colors and graphics really stand out. You can customize your merchant tickets to feature an effective combination of text and graphics that demonstrate the value volleyball has at your school and in the community. Include action shots from the previous season, team photos, a calendar of upcoming events, or even a short blurb about your team and the fundraiser.

Bring Your Message Home With Door Hangers

The final step to rallying support for your volleyball fundraiser is to create quick visual reminders that bring your message right to donors’ doors. A quality printing door hanger can raise greater awareness  for your cause and remind those that already know about it to donate.

You’ll want to answer donor’s most important questions:

  • Who are you and what are you fundraising for?
  • How and where can supporters make donations? If you’re selling products like merchant tickets, where can they be purchased?
  • When is your fundraiser taking place? When is the deadline for donations?

You can even get more interactive by including perforated coupons on the hanger to use towards supporting your fundraiser or detachable business cards that donors can keep as a reminder.

Promotional posters, custom brochures, merchant ticket books, and door hangers give you multiple ways to create positive first impressions and convince potential donors to support your cause. By following these four simple steps, you can encourage the community to rally behind your team and raise the funds you need to reach your full potential.