Following some guidelines for your high school football fundraiser can help to increase your profits greatly.

Running a successful fundraiser for your high school football team can be a daunting process with many headaches and pitfalls waiting in the wings to happen and destroy your profits. Following some tips to avoid these items can help you to make the most of your campaign.

Set Concrete and Realistic Goals

Plan your fundraiser with a clear idea of your goals that are attainable by your campaign. If you set the amount of items you need to sell, you can then know the amount of profit you will receive for your football team. You should also delegate tasks to many others to relieve yourself from all the stress involved. Planning saves many problems later in your fundraiser.

A System of Checks and Balances

Delegate someone to be in charge of the funds and accountable for them to make certain all transactions and deposits are made which can lead to errors in sales or even worse, such as theft of funds.

Repeating the Same Fundraiser

The people that you sell your fundraiser items to will be burned out if you keep repeating the same exact fundraiser repeatedly in the course of one year. Many people look at this as “I already did this once this year, so I will pass on it now.” Plan your high school fundraiser around other schools in the area. For example, if another nearby school is planning a fundraiser on a particular date, try to schedule yours before them to make extra sales and extra profits. Most people don’t want to support two schools at the same time.

Utilize Kid Power

Consumers are most likely to purchase fundraising items from students at your school rather than adults that are running the campaign. Including the kids teaches them responsibility and allows them to make a real difference in their schools. Some good ideas to get kids involved are to set up a table at the entrance of a local grocery store to pitch their ideas to the customers. Most parents do not feel comfortable in sending kids selling items from door to door and having a good deal of cash on them.

Delegate Authority

Enlist help in your fundraisers implementation by including teachers, kids, other parents and any volunteers. The school staff can be an invaluable asset in helping with organization and sales.

State Where the Money is going

When making fundraising money it is important to tell the prospective customer exactly where the funds are going. Many people will not participate, even if they have children in your school if the answer is vague as to what they are supporting. Think of a great cause and story as to where the funds are going to entice more profits into your school.

Diversify Your Pool of Volunteers

The most common volunteers for school fundraisers are parents of the students. Try to draw from different pools of parents for your multiple fundraisers so they do not get exhausted with your projects, as parents are very busy juggling their work and home life as it is.

Always Say Thank You

When enlisting parents as volunteers, you should always send thank you cards to all involved. You should thank them each time they help you so that they know they are greatly appreciated. Volunteers who receive a simple thank you note are more likely to help you again and willingly in the future.

Accept Credit Cards

People don’t always carry cash on them as they did years ago. If you have a system to accept credit and debit cards, you will have an increase in sales and will benefit more than nearby schools. In addition, offer receipts for any one who requests it, even if it is a handwritten receipt so they can write off their purchases of fundraising items as a donation.

The most successful fundraisers can be accomplished with great planning and leadership skills. We offer pre-printed football fundraising cards that reap you much larger profits than any other program. We use well-known businesses that either the public already uses, or they can identify with to take the guesswork out on your part for a successful fundraiser.