Electro Image is well equipped to cover your professional printing needs. Quality, professional printing is something Electro Image has no problem delivering, but we are much more than a high quality graphic design and print provider. We can benefit your community or organization by facilitating your next fundraising campaign. If you know you need assistance with a project but aren’t sure where to start, take a moment to consider how Electro Image provided a solution for a fundraising campaign in Austin, Texas.
AccordianFold-JamesBowie-500x741[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=James Bowie High School of Austin, Texas had a need for a promotion for the high school band, and Electro Image helped to successfully fulfill that need. The high school decided to raise funds by selling merchant tickets. Electro Image helped to create a win-win scenario for the local community as well as the individuals who helped support the high school band by designing and printing the merchant ticket booklet. This is a great idea because everyone benefits from the campaign.

Take a moment to consider how many people benefited from this idea. On the one hand, the Bowie Band was able raise money by selling merchant tickets. This revenue help fulfill the core need of the fundraising campaign. However, many other people benefited from this as well. The customers who purchased the tickets not only feel a stronger sense of community by supporting the band, but also get something valuable in return. Each merchant ticket was jam packed with 48 perforated coupons that could be used at local food establishments in Austin, Texas. It would be very easy for a customer who purchased a merchant ticket to recoup their initial investment in the Bowie Band.

If that weren’t enough, the local food industry in Austin, Texas also benefited by obtaining more customers through free advertising via the coupons. Also, the coupons act as a much stronger incentive for customers to make a purchase that a traditional print ad that lacks a coupon offer. This simple idea turned out to be good for the Bowie Band, the supporters of the band, and even the local economy!

Please note that Electro Image, as a print marketing provider, specializes in facilitating projects via graphic design and print media. In this example, Electro Image did not provide the merchant offers. The responsibility of negotiating offers with merchants rests with the fundraising group. However, MagnifyingGlassPerforated[5]most businesses are familiar with these types of campaigns and love the opportunity for promotions. Sales and negotiating can at times be scary, but don’t second guess your project’s potential to thrive. Because businesses are familiar with the idea of merchant tickets, you should feel more comfortable approaching them to do business.

Electro Image can turn your next fundraising campaign idea into a reality. No matter how difficult you may think your goal will be, just remember that Electro Image is here to help. If you are another school from Austin, Texas or any organization that needs help with your fundraising campaign, seek out the help of the qualified and experienced professionals at Electro Image. We will help you reach your goal, and you won’t regret it.