With all the ways to raise money for your high school athletic team why not try something different for your next program. Key Tag cards are a perfect way to offer a new product, it gets more people involved and gives businesses in your community a chance to jump in and help the cause. These cards can help make the difference in how much you raise for your organization. Plus it is a win-win for you and the business that wants to participate in your fundraiser.

  • Key tag cards come ready for the key chain and can be used at the merchant as a multi-use discount offer repeatedly until the expiration date, creating an ongoing customer for the establishment.
  • This would be a great resource for a new business that has recently opened in the community. Essentially a free marketing tool for the business and helping you in the process for your fundraiser.
  • It brings the community closer together and gives everyone a common goal to help a friend, family member, or student that needs assistance in raising funds for his or her team.
  • This product is easy to sell with an enticing merchant offer. The recipients of the card can often use them multiple times based on the offer and the expiration date determined by the merchant.

Be at the Top of the List

With all the competition of who has the best fundraiser and who gets the most for their team, don’t you want to be at the top of the list?  With the help of key tag cards, it makes for an easy way to reach your fundraising goal.  Great merchant discounts help people experience new products and services along the way. This product is growing in popularity among merchants as they see an added revenue stream from a free way to advertise in their community.

Coordinating the content for the tags is easy to achieve. The person or group in charge of collecting merchants offering a product or service explains the benefits of advertising.  When the offer is decided upon, the business supplies their corporate logo, offers to be displayed on the product and signs a contract for the length of the offer.  After that, simply supply the information to Fastlane Fundraising who then will create an eye-catching graphic design & print, package and deliver the product directly to you.

So let us help you with your upcoming athletic fundraiser.  We will be happy to see you reach your goal using this or many of our other products available. If you have any further questions, please visit our website for more information.