Knock It Out Of The Park!

Fundraising plastic cards are a fun and effective way to boost your school’s fundraising efforts without breaking the bank. These versatile and highly customizable cards allow you to collaborate with local merchants to offer discounts that will attract supporters and raise the money you need to support your school.

How Plastic Fundraising Cards Work

Our professionally printed plastic cards are made using a 30 MIL composite plastic that is durable enough to last all season and affordable enough to fit any budget. Your cards can be customized to feature your school’s mascot, team sports schedules, a list of participating merchants, merchant logos, and even special motivational messages.

To get started, your school simply needs to complete an Excel worksheet we will provide with the information for all participating merchants, after the merchants have signed the agreement form. We can print two-part and three-part merchant-agreement forms, if you need them. Once your list is complete, you decide what type of card works for your organization. We offer several combinations of large and wallet-sized cards with key tags or one-time break off tabs, in order to accommodate your specific fundraising needs.

Once you have a complete list of the local merchants committed to offering a discount or special for your cardholders, make a copy of the spreadsheet so that everyone involved in the card sales knows what discounts are offered through your program. You may also want to consider making this list available to your supporters, so they can stay up-to-date on all the deals available to them.
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Where To Sell Your Plastic Fundraising Cards

Selling your plastic fundraising cards should be fun and easy. These cards can be easily be carried with you to work or school to offer for sale. And while you will want to offer direct sales to booster club members, students, parents, teachers, and community members, it’s also a good idea to ask your participating merchants if they would be willing to sell the cards in their stores. You may find that when merchants have signage offering a discount with the fundraising card, customers will purchase cards on the spot, so they can take advantage of the discount right away.

Another great place to sell your cards is at sporting events, especially if the participating retail locations are places your supporters are likely to visit after the game. You may also want to talk to your local tourism bureau or chamber of commerce. Both may want to add the cards to welcome packets given to community visitors.

How Long Is Your Plastic Fundraising Card Good For?

When you first approach merchants to ask them to participate in the fundraising-card program, you should have a specific end date in mind. You can make the card good for the entire school year or just for a specific sports season (football season, basketball season, etc.), depending on the program for which you’re raising funds.

The thing to remember when determining the duration or types of discounts your cards will offer is how it will impact sales. Cards that are good for the entire school year may sell better, but it may be harder to attract participating merchants who want to commit to offering a discount for nine or ten months.

Also, talk to your merchants to see what kind of deals they are willing to offer. You may suggest that they offer an ongoing promotion that gives supporters a special discount on their purchases or offer free add-ons, such as soft drinks or desserts with the purchase of a meal.

Know Where The Funds Are Going

Before you approach merchants about participating in your discount-card program, be sure that you can tell them about what you’ll do with the money you earn. When you can offer merchants and supporters specific information about how the money will be used, you will often have better participation and better sales.