A fundraising challenge can teach a valuable lesson to everyone involved. Whether you are a student, parent, or teacher, one thing is for certain: if you want or need something, it takes hard work to get it. One of the many benefits of a school fundraiser is not just the money that is raised to fulfill a need, but work ethic the work ethic and skills that the fundraiser helps to build.

Skills Building Benefits

There are countless other benefits apart from building a strong work ethic for the students involved in a high school fundraiser, though. For example, most merchant ticket sales fundraisers require a lot of face time with the customers they attempt to sell the tickets to. This can benefit the students by teaching them rudimentary salesmanship skills as well as build their interpersonal communication skills.

Also, fundraisers impress the importance of teamwork and community engagement upon the students. A successful fundraising project can cause students to reach out and build a stronger relationship with their local community. Teamwork is likely the most valuable skill taught by fundraising projects and gives the participant the feeling that they are part of something bigger than themselves. Sometimes challenges are far too large to tackle alone and can only be solved by teamwork. No one understands this better than Electro Image. If you need help with your next fundraising project, consider teaming up with Electro Image.

Our Fundraising Experience

Blog-ImageArea-350x350-LompocHighAt Electro Image, we are more than a high quality, full service printing and graphic design provider. We actually specialize in the design and printing of fundraising materials, and have worked with many schools and organizations to help facilitate their fundraising campaigns. As an expert in professional printing, we produce merchant tickets, plastic fundraising cards, envelopes and order forms to help our clients reach their fundraising goal.  In addition, our LOW per-unit costs mean more profits for the group raising funds.

Lompoc High School

Consider a case study where we aided the Lompoc High School of southern California (near Los Angeles) with their fundraising campaign. The fundraising team at Lompoc High School opted to select plastic discount cards for their fundraiser. The idea with this type of fundraiser was to negotiate deals with local businesses in the Los Angeles area. The possibilities are endless, but a few discount deals that the high school fundraising team negotiated include promotions with local gyms, clubs, grocery stores, and auto repair shops, just to name a few. Next, Electro Image helped the high school by printing plastic discount cards for the fundraising team to sell to the local community. However, please note that it is the responsibility of the fundraising team to negotiate coupon and promotional deals with local vendors, and not Electro Image’s responsibility. In the end, the fundraising campaign was a grand slam.

We serve fundraising teams across the entire United States, and we can help you tackle your next fundraising challenge. Our specialization in high quality printing and our professional design experience can be a huge asset to your fundraising team. Whether you are supporting your local community, a high school, or a scout troop, we can fill the need for graphic design and print media. Call us today at (636) 777-7873 to learn how we can help you reach your fundraising goal.