These Fundraising Options Give You More Time (and Money) to Focus on Winning

Make sure your team’s fundraising activities are productive and successful!

Team sports players are among the busiest out there. They teach boys and girls about teamwork and fitness, not to mention being a part of your local community and lending a hand.

We’ve created a lot of baseball fundraiser packages over the years and know how to help you make yours a success, too.

Your Big Decision

The first thing you have to decide is whether you want to build a custom fundraiser that includes and promotes local merchants, or if you want a pre-made solution that you just give to your players and have them sell. This decision will direct how you move forward with a fundraiser that brings more money to your team.

You Do the Work:

Merchant Tickets

  • 16, 48, 60, 72 and our latest ticket product, 84 merchant ticket options. Handy for younger children and busy families!
  • Scored and perforated for easy use
  • Plenty of space to customize with your scout group name, troop number and purpose

Fundraising Plastic Cards

  • You supply the merchants, we’ll provide the supplies!
  • Combo packs available: discount card, key tag and break-off tab choices
  • Customize your specials & offers: discounts can vary from unlimited to ‘limited time only’
  • Magnetic stripe available
  • More popular with teens

Order Forms & Envelopes

  • Keep track of names, contact information, orders, method of payment and totals
  • 8.5” x 11″ (order forms) and 9” x 12” (envelopes) are standard; other popular size options are available
  • Use the available space to customize your message, purpose and goals
  • Handy for any fundraising product: cookie dough, pizzas, candy bars, mugs/tumblers and other popular products

We Do the Work:

Done For You Fundraising

We do the work, you make the money. These discount cards come with a mobile app for your buyers, and they’ll save at over 200,000 locations throughout the US.

Our Done For You fundraising package includes everything you need to raise money for your school with discount cards:

  • High quality plastic discount cards customized with your name and logo
  • Discounts at 200,000+ merchant locations across the nation, at over 450 local and well known national brands
  • A mobile app to activate your card, and find the biggest deals at the nearest merchants
  • Step-by-step instructions and resources to help you run a successful fundraiser

Offer Discounts at Places Like…

Which Baseball Fundraiser Should You Do?

One of the hardest parts of fundraising is deciding on the type of fundraiser. With all the choices out there, it seems the sky’s the limit!

But not every opportunity is equal. Some fundraisers take much more work than others, and some are hard to convince anyone to spend money on.

The first question is – do you want to gather local merchant info and build your own custom fundraiser, or do you want us to handle all the heavy lifting?

If you want to do the work, we’ll help you gather the right info and create a fundraiser with your name and logo.

With our Done For You package, we aim to make fundraising easy, painless, and fun for you. We work, you profit from brand names everyone knows.

We include everything you need to run a successful discount card fundraiser. These discount cards are easy to sell, because they offer a wide range of discounts at merchants your audience already uses.

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Not Sure Where to Start?

We get it, setting up the right fundraiser for your team is overwhelming. If you’re unsure, we’ve designed a Fundraising Tool Kit that you can download for FREE.  This kit includes an explanation of each choice in more detail, plus a one-page questionnaire to help you choose the perfect program.

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