For many parents, the words “school fundraiser” are about as dreaded as “science fair project” and “school bake sale.” At issue is the fact that the children are unlikely to do much of the selling on their own, leaving mom and dad the responsibility of taking in yet another catalog of Christmas wrapping paper into the office for co-workers to browse.

That kind of fundraising of the past was neither fun nor effective.

If you are among those PTA parents, school officials, and coaches who want to do something different this fall, consider this advice about how to do fundraising the right way: sell something that you personally want to buy.

Merchant tickets appeal to a wide demographic, and do well in communities where local businesses are eager to support their schools and their school sports teams.
Better yet, merchant tickets provide your school with a two-pronged approach to fundraising: local business outreach and ease of sale to friends and family.

Local Business Support


If your school district has strong support from the local business community, merchant tickets are an excellent way to garner fundraising support. Best of all, there is no cost to the business for the merchant ticket book, which makes getting businesses involved very easy.

Remember that merchant ticket advertisers are more than restaurants. Salons, bowling alleys, car washes, sporting-goods stores, are just a few of the other businesses that are typically involved. Even major-league baseball and NFL teams are getting in on helping community fundraisers by offering merchant ticket deals.

Here’s how it works:

  • The merchant tickets are flip books, constructed with heavyweight cover stock to advertise your sports program or school activity for which you are fundraising.
  • You have the option to choose either the 16, 48 or 60 coupon size.
  • Then, your sponsors simply fill in their information on the spreadsheet and receive a coupon, perforated and ready to go. As a super-saver option, your organization can decide to skip the perforation and have coupons ready to clip.
  • Coupons are printed on both sides, so sponsors can add restrictions or clarifications to their offerings.

For you, the process is as simple as filling in the preset spreadsheet. Your sponsors won’t need to supply artwork or even photo-ready advertisements. They only need to give the information they want included on the ticket and their company logo.

Student And Parent Sales

Selling merchant tickets for fundraising is far easier than the old catalog sales of the past. Instead of schlepping a catalog to work and asking friends, family, and co-workers to hand over money before they receive any product, you can hand the buyers their merchant tickets immediately.

It also means no cancelled orders. When someone wants to purchase a flip book of merchant tickets, it’s a simple exchange. There is no waiting and there is no time for the buyer to change her mind.

Better yet, there is nothing to keep frozen, like cookie dough or pretzels and nothing breakable or easily damaged about the merchant tickets. Parents can throw a few extra books in the car to have wherever they might be, from work to the doctor’s office, where people want to support their community.

Merchant tickets have a universal appeal, because they save buyers money at local businesses where they would shop anyway.

Merchant Tickets: A Better Product That’s Easier To Sell

The bottom line is that merchant tickets are easy to sell because they are a value-rich product that people will actually use. While not all communities have overwhelming business support for developing coupons, almost every community will have several businesses that are ready to help their local school and sports teams. In fact, depending on the size of your coupon offering, one or two deals might be enough to cover the cost of purchasing the flip book itself.

For those schools that are lucky enough to have good community support, many have found that the extensive range of coupons makes multiple ticket-books for each buyer is an easy sell.

Encourage multiple sales by reminding buyers that they can keep the book of coupons on their office desk for lunch-hour discounts, in the car for those last-minute deals, and on the fridge at home for those nights when take out is the dinner plan.

Merchant tickets provide the consumer with something almost everyone likes: the opportunity to save money while supporting a good cause.

If you are a parent or a coach in charge of your next fundraiser, you already know that one of the most important pieces of your success is getting your sales team excited about the product, but that’s not the only secret for fundraising success. You must offer a quality product that offers real value. Merchant tickets are the fundraising strategy of the modern world.