The year 2017 brought with it natural disasters to almost every continent. There was flooding and monsoons in South Asia, landslides and drought in Africa, a tsunami threat in Central America, and North America was beat with hurricanes and major earthquakes.

The end of summer brought hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, drawing complete devastation to Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico and other islands in the Caribbean. Hurricane Harvey was a Category 3 hurricane that made landfall in Texas as the first major hurricane to hit the U.S. mainland since Wilma in 2005. Irma was a Category 5 hurricane that came on the heels of Harvey and struck the peninsula of Florida. In mid-September, a week following Irma, Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, causing massive devastation.

Fundraising efforts began almost immediately following Harvey’s landfall and continued as Florida and Puerto Rico began recovery efforts. Communities all over the world began fundraising efforts to assist those affected. Schools, youth groups, scout troops, and even the National Football League stepped up, eager to help those in need.

Whether you are aiming to provide financial assistance to those affected by the 2017 hurricane season or you are planning ahead for your own community, disaster fundraising relief can be easier than you’d expect.

Done For You Fundraising

Dealing with natural disasters can be and emotional and stressful time. Don’t let your fundraising efforts add to that strain. Done For You Fundraising takes the hassle out of helping. Fundraising packages are available with everything you need to organize and successfully complete a discount card fundraiser, so you can focus on what matters most.

In a complete Done For You Fundraising Package, you get:

  • High-quality plastic discount cards which you can custom design
  • Discounts at over 200,000 merchant locations across the nation as well as 450 local and national brands
  • A step-by-step guide to help you organize your fundraiser, including strategies and tips for a successful fundraiser
  • A professional, printable accounting sheet to help you stay organized
  • Low starting costs
  • Fast and free shipping on all packages

Other Fundraising Products

If you prefer to handle the entire fundraising project on your own, you can select individual products to suit your needs.

Discount Cards

  • Reliable and durable
  • Combo packs available
  • In some situations, unlimited discounts available

Merchant Tickets

  • Popular and recognizable
  • Portable and easy-to-use
  • Various ticket count variations available
  • Super-saver version available

Order Forms and Envelopes

  • Easy organization for fundraising items like pizza, popcorn, or gift wrap
  • Contact and payment information stored together
  • Easy record-keeping

Be Prepared

Don’t wait for a disaster to ravage your community before you raise money for assistance. Be prepared by collecting in advance for various potential tragedies, including:

  • A natural disaster strikes your state or community, including hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, or similar weather-related calamities
  • A crime occurs in your neighborhood that you’d like to show support and assist financially during the recovery
  • An unexpected crisis happens to a local citizen, such as a house fire, an illness, an injury, or an accident
  • The unknown

We never know when disaster may strike our family, friends, or community. Understanding and being prepared for disaster relief fundraising ensures that you are one step ahead in bringing help to where it is needed.