There are many ways to show gratitude towards your valued customers and supportive members. You could give them a branded t-shirt, mug, or thank-you card, but such a simple item can cost your business or association more money than desired.

Also, those items don’t have a strong ROI. So, what can you give that’s meaningful, has a good ROI, and is a win-win? A Fastlane Customer Appreciation Card or a Membership Discount Card. These cards are packed with discounts and leave your customers and members feeling happy and rewarded.

Customer Appreciation cards

Of course, a thank-you card is a nice way to show how much you appreciate your customers, but a thank-you card does not serve the recipient any purpose, and will probably land in the recycling bin. What’s something you can give your loyal customers that’s useful, something they can use year round, and saves your customer money? A Fastlane Customer Appreciation Card. Companies want happy, returning customers, and there is no better way to thank a customer than with a card packed with discounts. These discount cards are jam packed with savings. We offer so many discounts that they can’t all fit on a reusable card, like most of the competition sells. Our discounts are delivered on a state-of-the-art mobile phone using GPS to locate participating merchants NATIONWIDE. A typical discount card can’t do this. Our cards are great for property owners to offer to their new tenants, and any business that wants to thank its customers.

  • Cable companies
  • Landscapers/ Lawn care companies
  • Lawn irrigation companies
  • Insurance agencies
  • HVAC companies
  • Accounting firms
  • Travel agencies
  • Real Estate agencies

When a property owner gives you a Fastlane Customer Appreciation Card at the start or end of a lease, or your travel agent hands you a discount card after booking a trip, it shows just how much they appreciate your business, and by doing that it builds customer loyalty.

Why is a Customer Appreciation Program Important?

Every business wants to increase profits and traffic, and a great way to go about that is through a customer appreciation program. Customer loyalty, customer appreciation, whatever you want to call it, these programs have become a staple for many large businesses, but loyalty programs aren’t just for big businesses, small businesses are utilizing them as well. When a small business has a customer loyalty program, they rise above the competition. Small businesses have a hard time competing with larger businesses that have multiple locations, more money for marketing, and the ability to give their customers lower pricing. With a program in place, those small businesses can remain in competitive spaces. Additionally, having repeat, loyal customers is quite healthy for your business, because they spend 67% more at your business than a new customer. When the cable technician gives you a Fastlane Customer Appreciation Card at the end of a service call, that’s their way of showing how much they value and appreciate your business.

What is a Fastlane Customer Appreciation Card?

Fastlane customer appreciation cards are a unique and desirable item. These cards give you access to repeat and endless discounts with a variety of merchants, from local independent businesses to major national chains. Plus, you can use your discounts on the road! If you’re on a road trip and need to stop for food, pull-up the Fastlane savings app, enter in your locations and see the savings appear! With the app’s GPS feature it locates nearby discounts for you. Additionally, there is little comparison between traditional customer appreciation (i.e. branded mugs, cards, company t-shirts) and our customer appreciation cards. Companies are spending more money on coffee mugs, flash-drives, gift cards, and t-shirts when they could be selecting our discount card for Customer Appreciation. These cards provide customers 10-50% in discounts at popular merchants across the nation.

Why choose a customer appreciation discount card?

Our custom designed discount cards paired with your logo is a win-win for you and your customers!

  • Customer appreciation cards are an ideal way to gain the loyalty of customers.
  • They cost your business little money to purchase, while the customer saves big in discounts!
  • By giving your valued customers a Fastlane card, it shows you genuinely care about their patronage which results in customer loyalty and repeat business.

Holds more value than the traditional thank-you card

  • A thank-you card is a nice token of appreciation to receive as a customer or client, but people would prefer a discount card to enjoy saving money by receiving discounts at their favorite places to shop and dine.
  • Our cards give customers deals and discounts to use at a variety of businesses.
  • Plus, a customer appreciation card adds value to their shopping experience.

Member Discount Cards

Being a paying member whether it’s to a gym, professional association, or organization has a lot of added benefits and perks, plus, it’s enriching to be a part of a community. Typically, to be a member of an association or fitness club you have a pay member fee or monthly due, and that can be pricey. What if there was a way to reward loyal members, new members, and supporters without having to break the bank? Luckily, you can with Fastlane Membership Discount Cards. By giving your members a discount card it shows just how much you appreciate them, and in turn, their loyalty to you strengthens. Our card saves you more money than if you were to purchase gift cards, mugs, t-shirts, or water bottles to give to your members. Plus, adding this card onto your membership package is a great incentive to get people to join.

What is a Fastlane Member Discount Card?

Welcome to a new world of discounts with Fastlane’s hot new item, the Member Discount Card. The Member Discount card is an exciting and valuable product to add to your membership benefits package. Or, maybe you worked with a volunteer group helping rebuild a community, this card makes for a great thank-you gift to volunteers. The Member Discount Card makes for a nice thank-you gift to sponsors/donors, too.  Plus, all of our cards are customized with an eye catching design including your logo and business message.

What Will Your Members Enjoy?

The Member Discount card gives you deals at home and away! 10,000 cities and towns, and by taking advantage of this discount card you can have access to discounts ranging from 10-50% at merchants all across the country. Say, you’ve got a conference in Denver, a tournament in Chicago, or your organization is volunteering its time out of state, our cards give your members discounts on dining, shopping, movies, rental cars, and hotels all on the go with the free Fastlane Savings app (available in the App Store and on Google Play). Our app has a GPS feature letting you find discounts nearest you, and all over the country!

So, what are the benefits your members will enjoy?

  • I’m talking big discounts! Up to 50% off at popular stores and businesses.
  • You can find deals at over 250,000 merchant locations nationwide!
  • Discounts with over 400 national brands and thousands of local merchants!

How Do These Cards Work?

How exciting that you just received one of our discount cards! Whether you received a Customer Appreciation Card or a Member Discount Card they both work the same way.

To reap the benefits of the card, download the Fastlane Savings app, or go the website.

  • Register the unique member I.D. code on the front of the card on our registration website.
  • Then download our FREE mobile app on Apple or Google Play store to begin saving at countless popular merchants by showing your phone when paying.
  • Once the card recipients activate their card they have discounts for 12 full months!

There are three ways to show the discounts when paying:

  • Pull up the app on your phone and show the discount.
  • Print the discount at home, and bring it in.
  • Some of the deals are only available online, so find the coupon code and apply it to your purchase when checking out online.

How amazing is it to have loyal customers that visit your business daily or weekly? You begin to build relationships with them, in turn, those repeat loyal customers become the face of your business, so why not thank them? Or to the members who keep renewing their membership year after year? That’s a heartwarming feeling to know that people want to be a part of your organization, association, or club. Your loyal customers patronize your business with their hard earned money, repeatedly. People enjoy saving money on products and services they use on a continued basis. Why not reward their loyalty with an appreciation card/mobile app that provides discounts to them all year long? People like savings and want special pricing on items. No one is going to say “no” to 15% off their next car rental, or a free appetizer with their meal.

Try it out Yourself

Get a free sample code to our Customer Appreciation or Member Discount Card to evaluate and enjoy a years worth of discounts at your favorite merchants, after activation! Head on over to our website to learn more about discount cards, and what they can do for your business!