Baseball Fundraising Ideas

You can plan a baseball fundraising program from start to finish if you know what your goal is and how to achieve it.

So, your son is a stellar little league or youth baseball player and you have been chosen to host a fundraiser. Where to begin if this is your first one and how to proceed to be successful? Here are some tips that can help you out immensely.

What is a Baseball Fundraiser?

A baseball fundraiser can help offset the cost of many types of expenses for your team. Equipment, such as bats, balls and helmets and especially uniforms can be quite expensive. Coaches and travel expenses are also expensive when your baseball team gets into the finals and needs to travel. Depending on how far away you travel, you may need funds for buses, hotels, meals and other items for a trip to another area. Being able to offset some of these costs through a fundraiser helps to keep the costs as low as possible for the players’ families and enables you to cast a wider net for the players on your team.

Planning Ahead for Your Baseball Fundraiser

The moment you find out that you are in charge of a baseball fundraiser is the moment you need to be planning out your course of action. Following some distinct planning tips can help you to achieve success without as many headaches.

Define the Intent for Your Baseball Fundraiser

The first step in your process should be to decide what you are using the fundraiser money for and how many volunteers will you need to help you with it. Most youth baseball fundraisers have a primary person–you in this case–and they also recruit other player’s parents to help them do some of the legwork. You can’t be in more than one place at one time, so you really do need some helpers. Besides the other player’s parents, you can recruit older baseball players in your community, such as middle school or high school team players. They will have an interest in helping you as much as possible, because they have likely been in the youth leagues in the past.

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What Product are You Going to Sell?

The best fundraising events should have a product to sell that gives you the biggest market possible. Candy bars are not loved by all and neither are pizza kits and cookie dough. The best idea is to use a discount booklet that is supported by dining, entertainment, recreation, car rental, hotel discounts and shopping discounts. These are items that everyone will use, so it gives you the biggest target market possible. Using discount cards from the retailers that the public already knows and loves is a win-win situation.

Our two top selling baseball fundraisers are our fundraiser cards and merchant tickets.

Make a List of Expenses for Your Fundraiser

Another advantage to using discount cards is that you can use volunteers to market your product and you most likely have little to no expenses in doing it in this manner. You need to decide what expenses you will have anyway. Most likely, your only expenses for the project will be a table and chairs, drinks and food for the volunteers and maybe an umbrella for shade. The best idea is to try to get someone to donate the table and chairs so it won’t cost you a dime. You can probably get someone with a truck to take it to the site where you will sell your products and to pick it back up. The food and drinks are a minimal cost, but depending on the time of the year, you may need quite a few bottles of water for your thirsty little baseball players.

Location, Location, Location

Think about the best places to set up your fundraising materials. It needs to be a very high traffic area and you will need to get permission to be there in that space. It’s best to choose retailers and set up by the front door outside. This gives you an opportunity to makes sales when people both enter and exit the store. If someone is interested, they may go in the store, get some cash and make a purchase when they leave.

Some great ideas for areas to set up include sports stores, such as Academy or Sports Authority. People going into these types of establishments are sports minded, so it is a great choice for a high volume of sales. Another idea is a big box store, such as Wal-Mart that has tons of customers on a daily basis. Since these types of stores sell all kinds of stuff, they are geared to families and families are more likely to support your baseball team.

Another great idea is to set up outside one of the businesses that are in your coupon booklet. The patrons already know what type of food a place offers because they are visiting there already. So it stands to reason that they will be more likely to buy coupons for discounts at the same place they already frequent.

Tips For Setting up a Booth

To have a successful fundraiser there are some training items to get down pat first. Set up your table or tables and make signs in advance of setting up. Your signs can be as simple as a message on a poster board that you tape to your table. It should state the name of your team and why you are fundraising. Things like “Help the Rams youth baseball league go to the finals.” People are usually quite happy to support local youth teams that are very good in the baseball circuit.

Make certain that all of the baseball players that participate in sales wear their uniforms. This makes it look more official, just as girl scouts and fire fighters wear their uniforms for fundraisers.

Get the sales kids pumped up in advance. They should look and sound enthusiastic. You can create a slogan or a few lines for them to say to encourage sales. They should know what coupons are in the book and mention some of them in detail. A good example is “You can get $25 in free pizza with this coupon book.” Another good line is to market your product as a gift giving option. “There is a coupon for discounted toys for your children or grandchildren to give as a gift.”

Use your imagination and promote the best deals in your discounts.

Show prospective customers the book. Have your little sales people hand a book to someone and let them thumb through it to see how great it is indeed. Many times this will get you a sale because they will find several items in it that are of great interest to them.

Following these tips can help you to have a great fundraiser, earn the money you need and be a lot of fun in the process for all the participants.