Fundraising Plastic Cards Are Fun & Durable!

Gold cards are one of the most popular products for fundraising because they’re high quality and durable, and make fundraising fun and easy.

Gold card fundraising combines many offers and discounts from local merchants onto a single “gold” discount card. The offers can range from restaurant discounts, car washes, movie tickets, pet supplies and MUCH more.

Gold card fundraising is a win-win for your organization and local businesses because both parties benefit from the fundraiser cards. You can appeal to a broader audience while boosting your monetary gains from fundraising.

You Supply the Merchants, We’ll Supply the Perfect Fundraising Product!

Why Fundraise With Gold Cards?

Also Known As

Discount cards
Booster cards
Gold cards
Gift cards
Key tags

…these plastic cards are sought after by schools, sports, extracurricular activities or any group needing to raise funds.

Our plastic cards are the most reliable and durable products on the market.
Fun, colorful, and long-lasting, your plastic discount cards will stand up to multiple uses.

Gold Cards are the preferred method for fundraising because:

  • Cardholders will enjoy the extra savings offered by the fundraiser card, while showing off their support of your cause.
  • So many options available: mix and match discount cards, key tags and 1-time use break-off tabs.
  • Choose your own expiration date for seasonal or time-sensitive fundraising causes, or make your discounts unlimited: you choose the options for your custom design.
  • Easy and convenient for everyone: from the fundraising committee, to the people selling the card, to the cardholder.

Think of the possibilities…

Because of the durability of the plastic discount cards, opportunities for use are endless!

price-estimate-300x300They’re not just for fundraising – Consider our plastic gold cards for:

  • Membership cards: gym, library, clubs
  • Service merchants: hair salons, manicures and pedicures, auto repair shops
  • Gift cards: restaurants, theaters, family fun centers
  • Loyalty cards: grocery stores, specialty shops, restaurants
  • Themed cards: for golf enthusiasts, hobbyists, holidays, political campaigns

These are just a few possibilities we’ve created gold cards for, but there are so many more applications.

Think about your upcoming events, creative fundraising ideas, or campaign themes that would be well-suited for your custom designed gold card?


  • 30-mil composite plastic material
  • Customized with your logo, designs and colors of your choice
  • Key tag options in counts of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 or 9 tags
  • Custom card, key-tag & 1-time use tab combo options
  • Magnetic stripe available
  • Variable data-numbering helps track sales and usage

Plus, we offer LOW per-unit pricing and FAST turnaround!

Need Help With Your Fundraiser?

Consider our Done for You packages, which include: 

  • High quality plastic discount cards customized with your name and logo
  • Discounts at 200,000+ merchant locations across the nation, at over 450 local and national brands
  • A mobile app to activate your card, and find the biggest deals at the nearest merchants
  • Take your savings with you! Our mobile app allows savings nationwide at popular merchants
  • Step-by-step instructions and resources to help you run a successful fundraiser

For more information, check out the Done For You page!

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