Raising Funds and Raising Awareness

What cause really matters to you?

Sometimes this question stirs up memories of a loved one lost to an illness or a tragic event. Perhaps a specific foundation has helped a loved one through a time of need. Or, perhaps you believe strongly in a cause and you wish to rally support in your community.

Whatever matters to you—personally, professionally, or emotionally—there is a charity that benefits from your dedication.

Whether you’re a director, committee member, or volunteer, we can help.

When you are looking to raise funds for your charity, we have the products and services that can make your plan a success without draining your energy or your budget.

special cause fundraising

Here’s How We Can Help You

  • Confused on how to begin? Our fundraising guide will walk you through the entire process.
  • Our Done For You packages supply you with everything you need to organize a successful discount card fundraiser.
  • Want to use your own merchants? We have a handy Excel worksheet which simplifies the merchant collection process. You supply the merchants, we’ll supply the perfect product.
  • We’re the low-cost leader for the most popular fundraising products—ideal for cash-strapped charities and volunteer organizations.

Custom Fundraising Products to Support Your Cause

  • Choose from popular and durable products that please any age group
  • Our graphic design team can create the designs, logos and visually appealing products so your purpose stands out and is remembered

Here’s What You Can Always Expect From Us

  • Excellent quality
  • Fast turn-around
  • Personalized customer service
  • Easy and convenient online ordering process
  • Reliable & cost-efficient shipping nationwide

The process isn’t overwhelming with our dedicated team of design experts ready to help! Creating a fundraising product aimed at making your event a success from start to finish is our #1 goal.

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Or, you can click here to contact us for a no-obligation quote on your dream fundraising package.

For fundraising success or spreading awareness for your cause,
Fastlane Fundraising has the products and plans to help you stand out! 

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