Religious Organizations Bring Spirit to Fundraising Events!

Your organization may be the first to step up to help with any cause or need, always there to support the local community when needed.

But who helps to support the organization itself?

As a member, an employee, or a volunteer at a religious organization, raising funds to support your good works is an ongoing concern.

Fastlane Fundraising is here to help you make fundraising fun and easy!

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How to Raise Money for Your Church

The process of planning a fundraiser may seem overwhelming, but our dedicated team of experts will help to walk you through every step, from idea to success.

We have the products that suit any fundraising need, whether for a local purpose, an international cause or within your own congregation:

Our Done for You church program supplies everything you need to run your own discount card fundraiser!

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Done For You Fundraising

Our Done For You packages include:

  • High quality plastic discount cards customized with your name and logo
  • Raise Thousands while your members and supporters save hundreds with America’s Largest Fundraising Discount Network. Your supporters will enjoy a full years worth of savings at over 250,000 merchant locations, including 400 national brands and thousands of local businesses they know and trust.
  •  A mobile app to activate your card, and find the biggest deals and savings at the nearest merchants
  • Step-by-step instructions and resources to help you run a successful fundraiser
  • Low prices and FREE shipping