Eager and Available, College Students Bring Electricity To Your Cause

If you’re looking for a sure thing when it comes to fundraising, look no further than students at your local technology or community college and universities

Students are always seeking bargains, and our discount cards are the winning ticket to fun for everyone.

Why Fundraise at Universities and Colleges?

If you need to raise money for your cause, look no further than the nearest college.

Colleges are ideal places to fundraise with discount cards:

  • Education is expensive
  • Most students have limited funds
  • Students have limited time or resources for cooking, shopping
  • Leisure activities are cherished—and often involve groups of friends
  • Merchants gain extra attention and the ‘shop local’ benefit when participating in fundraising programs

Campuses and the surrounding community are like mini-cities with everything a student needs to thrive and survive the college experience. Local businesses seek out this energetic population and know the value of reaching out to them.

Groups seeking to raise funds have an eager population awaiting the bargains and discounts!

How Does It Work?

Our Done for You packages set you up to run a successful fundraiser at your local college or university:

Done for you college fundraising
  • High quality plastic discount cards customized with your name and logo
  • Discounts at 200,000+ merchant locations across the nation, at over 450 local and national brands
  • A mobile app to activate your card, and find the biggest deals at the nearest merchants
  • Step-by-step instructions and resources to help you run a successful fundraiser
  • Low cost and FREE shipping to get started

For more information or to order your package, click here.

A DIY Alternative

Want to supply your own merchants? We can provide all the products you need for your fundraiser.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find local merchants favored by students
  2. Choose the card of your choice that best suits the needs of both the students and the fundraising cause
  3. Distribute through popular channels or ‘hang-outs’
  4. Savings for students begins immediately
  5. Fundraising groups enjoy the simplicity and profitability of discount cards

Raise More Money This Year

At Fastlane Fundraising, we provide the services, products, and experts to help you raise funds successfully.
Our top-selling products for college fundraising include:

  • Their versatility makes our merchant tickets an all-purpose favorite for any fundraiser
  • Most popular for spring-time events
  • The “Super-saver” version is a non-perforated option for fundraising committees operating on a shoestring budget
  • Durable, memorable and collectible, these customizable cards offer unique features for your cause
  • Easily identifiable; create team spirit with uniquely designed cards
  • Most popular for fall and winter events

Always handy: record & keep orders in one place, no matter what fundraiser you’re running

If you need additional information or have questions about the products and possibilities, contact us.

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