Help in a Crisis, or Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Disasters come in many forms. Though we do our best to be prepared, sometimes bad things happen to good people and their communities.

When tragedy strikes, people, communities, scout groups and religious organizations are eager to help, both locally and globally.

At Fastlane Fundraising, we’re here for you too. We’ve got everything you need, from popular fundraising products, graphic design experts, and commercial printing services, to make your disaster relief fundraising experience easy, cost-effective and successful.

Emotions run high when emergencies occur. That’s why we have created a simple process to help when the need is urgent.

disaster fundraising

Done For You Fundraising

Our Done for You fundraising packages supply you with everything you need to organize a discount card fundraiser, so you can focus on what’s important instead of worrying about the details.

easy fundraising for emergencies

You’ll get:

  • High quality, custom designed plastic discount cards
  • Discounts at 200,000+ merchant locations across the nation, at over 450 local and national brands
  • Step-by-step guide to organizing your fundraiser and proven strategies and tips for success
  • Professionally designed accounting sheet to print out to help you stay organized
  • Low cost to get started, and fast free shipping

Our Fundraising Products

If you’ve already got access to your own merchants or are running another fundraiser, we have the materials you need.

Our products are suitable for any situation and any personality. When you need something fast, simple and familiar, explore these traditional items for your cause:

Reliable and Durable for Multiple Use

  • combo pack variations
  • possible unlimited discounts, depending on need and impact

Most Popular and Recognizable

  • portable—from refrigerators to locker doors to cork boards
  • various ticket count variations available
  • super-saver version available

Make the Process even Easier

  • for fundraising items like pizza, popcorn or cookie dough
  • payment and information are stored in one location
  • record keeping is easy

For our merchant tickets and discount cards, we provide a helpful Excel template file to organize your merchant information:

  1. Ask for our free excel spreadsheet which organizes your merchant offers—fill it out and return to us
  2. Talk with our graphic design team—they’ll design the ideal product for you
  3. Once approved, we’ll print your product on high-quality stock, making them easy to sell and meet your financial goals

Fastlane Fundraising Makes Planning and Funding a Project Easy

  • FAST turnaround: no stalling, we get it done to help those in need sooner
  • Rapid & reliable shipping: always helpful when the situation is critical
  • LOW cost pricing: beneficial for the budget-conscious organizer

Don’t Wait For a Disaster to Strike; Be Prepared!

Consider a ‘rainy day fundraiser’ for the following:

  • a natural disaster strikes your state or community
  • a crime occurs a little too close to home and you want to show your support and compassion during the recovery
  • for the unknown

You, your community and Fastlane Fundraising:
we’re a winning combination when the road is rocky!

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