Our Fundraising Starter Package is Fast & Easy!

Starter Fundraising Package – Swift


Our most affordable ‘starter pack’ fundraiser. With our Swift package, you’ll give your buyers access to four categories of merchants: Dining, Movies, Shopping, and Travel.

While you can sell these fundraiser cards for whatever price you want, we recommend $15 each.

That gives you between 60%-70% of the profit!

The process is easy –

  1. Select how many cards you want to sell.
  2. Pay just $100 today.
  3. We print the cards with your group/team logo (each with a unique login code for your buyer) and ship them to you.
  4. Your group/team sells the cards and your buyers start saving immediately on brands they already recognize.
  5. You keep the profit and pay the remainder of your purchase 30 days after your order.
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You Win and Your Supporters Win

This is the only fundraiser of its kind that lets you keep such a large chunk of the sales price. There’s no comparison.

Plus, your supporters get 13 months of savings from well-known places they probably already visit anyway!

Dining | Movies | Shopping | Travel (Suggested Retail Price $15)

Quantity Cost Per Card Potential Profit
250-499 $4.50ea up to $4,740
500-999 $4.00ea up to $9,990
1000-2499 $3.75ea up to $26,239
2500+ $3.25ea up to $27,500+

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