Faith-based fundraising for summer missionary trips or group projects often exudes an extra level of enthusiasm and commitment due to the worthy causes being supported. Why not match that zest for missionary results with a straightforward, trustworthy way to raise the necessary proposal funds, such as our fundraising discount cards?

Financing the costs of travel, food, materials and accommodations for religious mission trips can seem overwhelming, and many people don’t look forward to asking for outright financial donations from friends, neighbors and family members. Fundraising discount cards are a proven money maker that mutually benefits everyone involved.

Discount card fundraisers present a win-win-win situation:   Participating merchants like them because the cards prompt more repeat and new customers for them; supporters enjoy them because they save money with the notable discounts offered for future purchases; and fundraiser groups appreciate them because they are profitable, customizable and easy to sell.

These type of fundraising cards also give more worship-related congregants a way to contribute to missionary projects, especially senior citizens who may be on planned or fixed budgets and are getting something valuable in return by securing a discount card.

Our easy, no-planning-necessary fundraising method via Done-For-You packages contain professionally designed discount cards filled with special coupons and deals to more than 450 national, regional and local retailers. Merchants reflect 220,000-plus locations of popular dining, shopping, office supply, fitness, vacation, movies, beauty and travel companies, such as car rentals and hotels.

Once our Done-For-You cards are sold, the unique codes on each card front is registered by the recipient on our secure website. Discounts can be accessed two ways:  Through our website portal, donors can print off coupons from their desktop printer, or discounts also can be accessed through our free smart phone application, available on Apple or Google Play stores. Supporters just show their cell phones when checking out at a participating merchant to receive the discount. In addition, our discounts are available nationwide with our app; just enter a particular zip code and discounts near that area will appear.

We can create a unique design for the front of your fundraising card, or you can upload an image perhaps showing graphics of people, places, objects or causes like your missionary group will be helping. Your cards can be customized with your group’s specific name. And you’ll be securing discount cards that have no hidden or extra charges!

Volunteers tell us they like the simple fundraising strategy of our discount cards. The Fastlane Fundraising team members are happy to send an accompanying 12-page PDF toolkit that has sales scripts, accounting sheets to print out, tips, a handout brochure for donors, and other useful information to help your fundraisers succeed.

Music to the ears of mission planners is that our discount card packages only require a $100 deposit to jumpstart the program. Your credit card is then charged after 30-days for the remaining total cost of the cards, and we offer free shipping to the location of your choice. This allows you to raise funds first without having to worry about production fees.

Our model helps your group earn as much of the profit as possible from your fundraiser, with minimal upfront cost and effort. By using our DFY cards, you keep up to 80 percent of the profits raised.

For church or worship groups in a hurry, we offer three package options:  swift, speedy or supercharged.

Our discount cards can pave the way to being able to afford more of those life-changing, mission trips. Learn now how to get started on your fundraiser using our Done-For-You cards!