Each year, your school’s sports teams, musical programs, extra-curricular activities and clubs depend on fundraising efforts to thrive. As the new school year begins, you’re probably thinking about how you plan to raise funds throughout the year.

Figuring out what to sell to raise funds for your school is the easy part, but deciding how and where to do all your fundraising printing can be more difficult. Not only will you need your fundraising materials to be stunning and professional, but you’ll also need them to be affordable. Fortunately, in the age of digital printing, those two things are not mutually exclusive.

When it comes to running a successful fundraiser, the printed products you use really matter. By choosing high-quality and professional fundraising products, you will not only stand out from the competition, but you will also raise more funds for your school.

Here at Fastlane Fundraising, it’s our goal to provide the best printing methods and graphic designs for all your fundraising needs. From merchant tickets and plastic discount cards to order forms and envelopes, we’re here to help you design and effectively print all of your materials.

Here’s how Electro Image can help make your school’s fundraiser the ultimate success this year.

Raise More Funds With High-Quality Print Products

Whether you’re raising funds for new football uniforms (see sample) or to send the band to a national competition (see sample), nothing is more off-putting to potential donors than fundraising materials that appear unprofessional and disorganized.

At Electro Image LLC, we use cutting-edge printing technology, as well as a team of graphic designers; to ensure that every product we offer is polished, professional, and aesthetically appealing. From easy-to-use merchant tickets and coupons to colorful plastic cards, we’ll create the custom-designed materials that your recipients will love.

Most importantly, we provide top-of-the-line fundraising products at low per-unit prices. That way, you can focus on raising money instead of spending it.

Now, let’s take a look at some of our most popular fundraising products and the benefits of having them professionally printed.

Merchant Tickets Booklets

48 Coupon Merchant Ticket

48 Coupon Merchant Ticket

When your fundraiser offers special discounts from merchants, you’ll need a specially designed coupon that’s both functional and appealing. Our merchant tickets are the perfect combination of both.

Created using a durable #100 heavyweight cover stock and formatted in a convenient accordion style, our merchant tickets are easy to carry in a purse or wallet. Unfold the merchant ticket to display multiple parts, including a top segment with ample room for school logos, mascots, event calendars, or fundraiser details, as well as individually perforated tickets for easy tearing and use.

Our merchant tickets aren’t just portable and easy-to-use, they’re also custom-designed to appeal to your recipients and stand out from the rest. Using your school’s logo or mascot, we create the perfect, eye-catching artwork to get your fundraiser noticed and sell more tickets.

For high-volume orders, we also offer a UV super-shiny gloss varnish that will make your merchant tickets look and feel stylish and professional. This kind of surface makes any logo, graphic, or text stand out.

Plastic Discount Cards


Team sports fundraising merchant keytag, color both sides, 3 key tags, 12 merchants on back.

When it comes to your fundraising printing demands, our plastic cards can be as versatile as you need. Whether you’re looking to print gift cards, discount cards, booster cards, or key tags, these plastic cards are an excellent way to brand and personalize your fundraising event. Printed with 30-mil composite-plastic material, our plastic cards have a superior surface that makes all colors, graphics, and text stand out. They feature perforated parts for as much use as the merchant cards above. It requires unique printing technology to make these, though we make it a simple process.

Case in point: Many of these discount cards come equipped with key tags and one-time offer tabs to use for special promotions. Their quality design makes them durable, easy to break off, and a pleasure to use.

Envelopes And Order Forms

9" x 12" Fund raising cookie dough envelope

9″ x 12″ Fund raising cookie dough envelope

You may think envelopes and order forms are simple enough to create, but professional, easy-to-use order forms and envelopes are an important part of a successful fundraiser. Our custom-designed envelopes can be used to catch customers’ eyes, while helping students, boosters, and parents keep all of their orders, checks and cash organized and together in one place. Our standard envelope is 9”x12”, but other size options are available to accommodate your specific fundraising needs.

Electro Image’s envelopes and order forms can also be customized to compliment the rest of your printed fundraising materials. They can include your spirit colors, school mascot, or club logo. You may also decide to create a combination brochure and order form that details the purpose of your fundraising event and highlights the items your selling, such as cookie dough, cakes, popcorn, drink tumblers or even athletic gear.