Fundraising is an essential part of the school year.  As the semester kicks off, you’re likely gearing up to raise money for your sports teams. The printing materials that you choose, including your school fundraising merchant ticket printing is a major part of the process. If you have a limited budget, you may be worried that printing premium-quality merchant tickets for the event is too expensive.

Unique Features For Standout Results

Printing professional merchant coupon books should never be out of reach in price when you find the right printing company. The best printers have state-of-the-art equipment that makes the process easier, while keeping per-unit costs down. But more importantly, a great commercial printer will also provide you with a product that is uniquely designed, captivating, and functional.

Here at Electro Image LLC, we combine outstanding products with custom-designed graphics. Your merchant tickets are guaranteed to delight supporters when they receive them, making them proud to represent your fundraiser every time they use their coupons.

Functional Portability

The most important feature to consider when printing merchant tickets for your school fundraiser is their functionality. Aesthetic appeal is important, but if they’re not easy to use, donors will shy away. At Electro Image LLC, we print your merchant coupons with usability in mind.

We offer ticket books in 16-, 48-, and 60-count versions in order to accommodate all of your local merchants. No matter the size, every ticket is produced in a convenient accordion style, so they’re compact, easy to fold, and portable. Whether they’re being stuffed into backpacks or tucked away in a purse or wallet, our merchant tickets can be easily stored without causing damage.

Our merchant coupons are also simple to use. Each individual ticket is perforated and made so the tickets are easy to remove without tearing or damaging the coupons. However, if you’re on a tight budget, we also offer non-perforated versions with dotted lines for easy cutting.

Custom-Designed Graphics

One thing that truly makes Electro Image LLC stand out is our dedicated team of in-house graphic designers. Their extensive background in helping schools raise funds enables them to design creative and effective fundraising materials. By your specifications, our designers will create stunning graphics that embody the spirit of your school and promote your fundraising event. Incorporating the text, images and colors of your choice, our team will produce the perfect graphics for your fundraising tickets.

The spacious top-folded design has plenty of room for school mascots, logos, event calendars, or other motivational messages. You can feature your school’s existing logo or mascot (with some tweaks if necessary), or request that our designers create a unique graphic just for your fundraising event. It is the perfect place to highlight your fundraising needs and get people excited about your cause. Additionally, your graphics will be printed on both sides of the tickets, giving you plenty of space for details about the promotion or a special message about your fundraiser.

Our designers will also work to ensure that the text of your messages is as beautiful as the images. If you are printing fundraising materials with a lot of text, it is important that your messages are clear and easy to read. That’s why we make the tickets large enough so that fonts of different sizes and styles can be featured on your coupons. Whether you’ve got a lot of text or only a little, we’ll make sure it compliments the graphics of your fundraising tickets perfectly.

Having colorful and professional-looking graphics that convey your fundraising message can be a powerful way to compel your community to donate. Whether you want to feature custom-designed graphics or a photo that shows off your school spirit, your merchant tickets will always look super sharp, thanks to our talented graphic designers and various product options.

High-Quality Materials And Finishes

We know that impeccable design means nothing when printed on sub-par materials. That’s why we only use premium-quality printing products for our merchant ticket printing. Our merchant coupons are printed on a #100 heavy-weight cover stock for excellent durability. For high-volume orders, we also offer our special UV super-shiny gloss finish for a superior aesthetic appearance for your merchant tickets. This finish is adds a touch of class and makes the colorful design of your tickets even more vivid.

Unlike most of our competitors, Electro Image’s merchant fundraising tickets are available in three different sizes — 16-, 48-, and 60-count ticket books. This allows you to create coupon books that easily accommodate all of your participating merchants.

The unique features of our fundraising merchant tickets are designed to help you stand out from the competition.