Fundraising for school activities is popular during the school year, but don’t dismiss the two to three months during the summer break. Sure, some people view summer as a break from school. With fun and creative ideas for fundraising, these campaigns don’t have to feel like work. There are plenty of unique activities and fundraising efforts that can be geared towards the summer weather in this time of year in general.

Here are six good reasons to take advantage of summer time fundraising campaigns. The beauty of fundraising during different seasons is that it changes things up and elicits new opportunities and community support.

Keep Kids Involved Throughout the Summer

You want to keep kids busy during their breaks. Keeping them engaged in meaningful activities is good for their development. While popular starting in the Fall, getting a jump start is a sure way to have funds available for activities early in the year.

It’s ideal to have these fundraisers planned a little in advance, but it’s not impossible to pull a great fundraiser together in little time. Many people who lead these campaigns rely on great products to make their efforts easier.

Additionally, some parents will have more free time in the summer to help out with fundraising events. Another great opportunity that comes with summer fundraising is you can keep kids focused and excited about a goal they will enjoy during the school year, whether this is a class trip, or funds to keep a band or athletics program afloat.

Summer-Themed Discounts and Raffles

While fundraising coupons and discount cards will always have a draw in a successful fundraising campaigns, having a season to tie this to for your fundraising items will make it stand out more. Make sure merchant tickets incorporate local retailers with summer discounts or events. If there are local attractions such as water or theme parks, having discounts offered for these types of events can help bring more interest to specific fundraising efforts. If you can hold a separate raffle for community members or even students doing the bulk of fundraising, you can give away tickets to a summer event that will draw even more buy-in for your fundraising campaign.

Perks of Fundraising Year-Round

Adding in summer fundraising will take the pressure off of efforts during the school year. You can break your fundraising goals up over a few campaigns throughout the entire year, instead of just the months school is in session. Having just one or two major fundraising activities during the school year can be done, and many do these well. However, you can still do this and have the added benefit of additional funds and exposure year round.

This also can take the pressure off of students, parents, and community members that are only available to help out during the actual school year. Others might be more available and willing to fundraise in the summer months. By adding in fundraising efforts during the summer months, campaigns throughout the year can all be a little more relaxed since funds will continually be coming in.

More Festivals and Fairs

There tend to be more community events in your town during the late spring, summer, and early fall months. This is due to generally decent weather during these months. This can be a great opportunity to get more members of the community involved with your fundraising campaign. If you have fundraising discount cards on hand to sell, your students can approach individuals at fairs and festivals to help out on the spot. They might even be able to set up booths at these events. These events usually draw large crowds, so having your fundraising campaigns set up during them will only expose your cause to more potential donors. And, you can have a little fun yourself at these festivals, fairs, and other community events.

Keep School Grounds in Use

A great way to get more individuals involved in a summer fundraiser is to use the tools you have at your fingertips. If your school grounds are rarely used in the summer, a car wash, bake sale, or themed fair can be set up to raise funds. This will need to be cleared with the school ahead of time, but can be a great way to use space that wouldn’t be used otherwise. Having discount cards on site to sell as well can diversify your fundraising efforts, and there will be a little something for everyone.

If you are hoping to have a fundraising event at your school over the summer, it is a good idea to start planning this early, in case there are paperwork or permit requirements that will need to be worked through ahead of time.

Summer-Themed Events and Awards

While some kids might be up to their own thing in the summertime, others might be e bored at home or not have very many activities lined up. These students are going to be your best volunteers when it comes to summer fundraisers. With this in mind, make sure your events are fun and engaging for kids. Let kids paint their faces, wear simple costumes, or have a show-and-tell for something fun they did. Anything that you can do to make a summer-themed campaign more unique, the more buy-in you will have for everyone. Make sure to get creative with prizes for students who participate, whether these are passes to the pool, mini golf, or other summer-oriented activities.

Fundraising doesn’t need to be difficult, regardless of the season and size of the event. Aside from having great organizers and eager volunteers, having the right products to offer and can make this fun for both schools and the community. The best part is that these products can be used all year long.