The time of year is upon us to start fundraising for spring athletics. With so many other teams out there vying for the support of the local community, how does your high-school soccer team plan to stand out and win the hearts of donors?

A few years ago, ESPN collected data on the demographics of youth sports. Their findings showed a rise in the popularity of youth soccer, which had been steadily gaining on basketball and football as the springtime favorites among adolescents. And today? More kids are playing soccer than ever before.

As the high-school soccer-team director, how do you compete with football and basketball fundraising campaigns? How do you effectively convey to the community how important it is for your team to meet its fundraising goal? How do you make it clear how expensive it can be to keep a soccer team outfitted with the proper equipment and safety attire?

Financial planning is never easy, and the bottom line is that how you present your ideas matters. Your soccer fundraiser must stand out and communicate its financial need with professionalism ingenuity. The first step is finding a quality printer that can help your fundraising campaign with bold and creative marketing materials.

Are you ready give potential donors a colorful and vivid idea of what soccer means to your team? Read through this must-have checklist, that covers each stage of the fundraising process, to make sure that your kids have what it takes to meet their goals this year:

Check #1: An Attractive Fundraising Logo

If you’ve been using the same logo to market your annual soccer fundraiser year after year, you may be doing you team a disservice. If a logo is out of date, it has likely lost some of its effect to engage the audience. And if you haven’t been using a logo, you may just be realizing that a bit of branding is the kick that your fundraiser needs.

Whether you’re revamping an old logo or creating a new one, a well-designed logo can reinvigorate your fundraising efforts and catch the attention of more potential donors. Redesigning your logo is easier today with digital printing and graphic-design techniques. New technology even lets you integrate old elements with fresh designs to create something more exciting and hip. Colors look more vibrant than ever, while still staying true to your school colors for a level of familiarity.

Since you’re in the game of soccer, don’t neglect to include soccer-related imagery in your logo design. Make them as bold or as subtle as you’d like, but the black-and-white-checkered soccer ball incorporated in your logo can have major appeal and help inform potential donors.

Check #2: Informative And Compelling Brochures

One of your primary concerns in the beginning stages of fundraising is to inform potential donors about why your team needs the money. The more informed a supporter is, the more likely she’ll be to donate. Keep in mind that many potential donors may not fully understand the costs of operating a high-school soccer team. Be clear about what your team’s financial goal is for the year, and be specific about what the money will be used for.

Brochures are a great way to provide donors with the in-depth look they need. Thanks to several fold options, paper stock, and coatings, brochures allow both for sharing important information about who your team is and for including richly detailed photos that illustrate what your team needs to stay competitive.

Photography can be especially eye-catching in a brochure, when printed on specialized coatings. Use the opportunity to show actual photos of the students who play soccer in your school and feature some of the highlights.

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Talk about specific costs and list the actual equipment needed. Even the text should be compelling. With a variety of unique fonts to choose from, any text you use in your brochure can jump off the page.

Check #3: Outdoor Advertising Materials For The General Public

You know who your target audience is and you’ve made sure they know who you are and what your team is fundraising for. But what about the rest of the community? If your fundraiser is local and you know that particular neighborhoods are likely to be potential donors—around schools, churches, and youth centers, like the YMCA, for example—outdoor advertising can be a great way to spread the word.

Quality-printed yard signs are an effective way to get the word out quickly, without having to invest much time, effort, or precious funds. New printing technology allows you to create signs with a thick, corrugated structure for better durability and weather resistance. And with high-resolution text and graphics, colors and logos really pop, whether being read from down the street or up close.

By placing yard signs in strategic locations, you can provide a web address or social media handle that can be used to learn more information and donate. You’ll capture the mobile crowd this way and receive a more instantaneous response.

Check #4: Customized Merchant Tickets

Now that you’ve completed the awareness stage of your fundraising campaign, you’ll need a concrete way for local soccer supporters to donate. Merchant tickets are some of the most useful and best-selling fundraising items in spring athletics today. Supporters love them because they have practical use and real value, merchants love them because they bring increased traffic, and students love them because they’re easy to sell.

Merchant tickets are easily customizable, both with regard to size and imagery. Choose as few as 16 tickets, or as many as 72 tickets per book. Be sure to have both your logo and other important details printed on the front, including a schedule of events and games. .

How many items do you have off the soccer-fundraising checklist? With the use of a new logo, detailed brochures, outdoor advertising materials, and customized tickets, you’ll have superior print marketing tools that will generate the public support you need to meet your fundraising goals. Fulfilling these fundraising checkpoints will help you communicate the importance of soccer to your audience of potential donors, and best of all, it will help you re-imagine your fundraising strategy as a whole.