Fundraising efforts can be a challenge if you don’t know how to provide something of value to your local community. Fortunately, Electro Image can help your create valuable products to garner support for your organization. One of our most popular fundraising products – plastic fundraising cards – has helped countless fundraising groups succeed. If you are considering moving forward to achieve your fundraising goals but are on the fence about which fundraising products to use, consider the advantages and benefits of plastic fundraising cards.

Higher Margins with Plastic Cards

First and foremost, plastic cards are inexpensive. This will help you create higher margins for your fundraising sales. But what does this mean for your fundraising team? Because you have higher margins, your fundraising team will profit more for each unit sold when compared to other higher-cost alternatives. In turn, this will do two things to help you hit a home run with your fundraiser.

First, it will decrease the number of units you need to sell to hit your fundraising goal. Second, it will also help you reach your fundraising goal more quickly. Minimizing your per-unit cost is paramount to the success of your fundraiser. Even small increases in your margins can add up to substantial amounts of money when they are produced in volume.

Freedom to Negotiate Discounts

download-300x253Yet another benefit of plastic discount cards is the freedom and flexibility you have in determining which discounts to create the cards for. Electro Image provides a very flexible system to create plastic discount cards for a large number of businesses in your local community. Using these products will generate widespread support from a large contingent of local businesses that want to support your cause.

As such, there are a seemingly infinite number of applications that plastic fundraising cards are well suited for. They could be used for discounts at local food and restaurant chains, membership businesses such as gyms, service industries from salons and auto shops and even customer loyalty cards for your local grocery store.  And now, professional sports teams are now happy and eager to offer select discounts to get fans in the stands. The possibilities are endless.

Custom Designs

Instead of reusing the same non-customizable template for each fundraising project, Electro Image can help you create a unique design that will make your supporters say, “Wow.” Furthermore, our graphic design expertise is unparalleled for fundraisers. The image and appearance of your fundraising products can have a massive impact on the success of your fundraiser. Don’t put the success of your organization in the hands of a printing company that can’t deliver quality custom designs. You will regret it.