Winter is finally upon us, and with it comes a lot of opportunities for fundraisers to help support your local school, team, or organization. Though the high school football season is winding down, indoor sports seasons are in full swing. If there is a lack of funds for your high school team or organization, don’t sweat. We can help you over the hurdle to tackle your fundraising challenge head-on.

Case Study: Western Harnett High School

allWe have an undefeated record with our past clients and have helped many fundraising campaigns reach their goal. Take Western Harnett High School of Lillington, North Carolina for example. The high school’s directors and PTA members reached out to the local community of Lillington to negotiate coupon deals with local coffee shops, golf clubs, auto service businesses, salons and various merchants. In turn, Electro Image designed and printed the plastic discount cards with key tags and our years of graphic design experience made them look professional. After the discounts had been negotiated and the graphic design and printing was completed, it was time for the fundraising team to start selling.

To generate income for their football team, the high school fundraising team then sold the discount coupons to members of their community. This type of fundraising campaign is really attractive to the customer, because the discount cards typically pay for themselves once the coupons are used.

On the other hand, this type of fundraiser was attractive to the businesses of the local community in Lillington, North Carolina, too. The local businesses and economy benefitted from seeing more customers walk through their doors due to the coupon promotions. Last but not least, the high school football team benefitted by reaching their fundraising goal. With merchant ticket or plastic discount card fundraisers, there are no losers. Everybody wins!

Why Electro Image?

We are much more than a top notch print provider and graphic design company. There is no doubt that our years of experience in the graphic design and print industry will make your project look professional, attractive, and enticing. But we go one step further. We actually specialize in designing and printing media for fundraising events! Because of our experience with fundraising campaigns, you will find us to be a good fit for your team. Not only are we aligned with your goals and understand what you are trying to accomplish, but we also have no problem delivering a top quality finished product.  In addition, our LOW per-unit costs mean more profits for the group raising funds.

How to Get Started

If you are curious about how we can help you with your next fundraising campaign or just don’t know where to get started, give us a call to learn how we can help you. Large projects like fundraisers can seem frightening, especially when an entire team or organization is counting on you. Relax and have fun with your next fundraiser by teaming up with Electro Image. We’ll help bear the burden and take some weight off your shoulders. We serve teams all across the United States and our past clients have been elated with the quality of our graphic design work and our exceptional print quality delivered an enticing product. Call us today at (636) 442-2504 to get help reaching your fundraising goal.